With the lot of armor obtainable in Monster Hunter World,it"s difficult not to it is in satisfied v the available choices come outfit your character. You have the right to mix and also match or litter on a complete set, and it"s rare to walk on a multiplayer search or expedition and also see 2 hunters dressed the same. Still, customization is a major consideration for players, so being able to readjust the armor colors of your character is an appreciated feature. Today, I"ll describe how friend can change the colors of your armor in simply a couple of short seconds.

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Last updated on march 5, 2020, in ~ 2:14 p.m. EST.

How to readjust armor pigment


If you"relooking to change the color (or pigment) of her armor you won"t be able to while grinding v the low Rank contents in Monster Hunter World. Friend must first progress far sufficient that you unlock High location content. It’s likewise important to keep in mind that girlfriend cannot change the color or colours of low Rank armor. Also after you unlock High rank content, you must very first craft a collection of high location armor for her character.


Assuming you meet the criteria, the procedure to changing your armor colours in Monster Hunter human being is refreshingly simple. Approach an item Box in either Astera or Seliana. The list that pops up will have actually Change Appearance ~ above the bottom, followed by Change Armor Pigment. Choose that option and the remainder is self-explanatory. Choose a part of her body to alter, or pick to change the entire set at once. Shot the rainbow pigment, if you have it unlocked.

Change Palico armor pigment


Whatyou may not establish is that you have the right to also readjust the armor shade of your Palico in Monster Hunter World. This is no done v the article Box, but rather the Smithy. Leave her room and also head to the following level to uncover the Smithy. While you’re in the food selection that enables you to build Palico equipment, the option will be there to change its armor pigment. The capture to this is once again you must have your Palico equipped with High location armor. Low Rank armor will certainly not administer you the choice to adjust its color.


The best part about changing armor colors in Monster Hunter civilization is the it’s free, and also you can do it as frequently as you’d like. There is no do required. It doesn’t expense Research Points, Zenny, or materials. You deserve to experiment v it endlessly until you find that specific look that you’re seeking.

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Now that you and your Palico have changed your armor pigment and are spring dapper, be certain to discover more secrets with the music-from-a.com Monster Hunter civilization guide.