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The Mohamed bin Zayed species Conservation fund is creative philanthropy proving tiny grants to boots-on-the-ground, get-your-hands-dirty, in-the-field varieties conservation jobs for the world’s many threatened species. V innovative micro-financing, the MBZ money empowers conservationists come fight the extinction crisis instead the bureaucracy and also red-tape. To day the fund has awarded over 2,300 grants to a diverse variety of varieties across the world.

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If you are involved in a direct species conservation project and would prefer to apply for a grant, friend must use online. The following application attributed is 31st October, 2021, and the application procedure remains open despite the continuous COVID-19 pandemic.

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Large projects

Mubadala investment Company, the Abu Dhabi-based can be fried investor, has gotten in a three-year partnership through the Mohamed bin Zayed species Conservation money (MBZ Fund) to assistance conservation initiatives approximately the world. Through the partnership, Mubadala Investment company will administer the MBZ money with us $1.5 million yearly to be directed towards supporting endangered flora and also fauna in Africa and also Asia; specifically in countries where Mubadala Investment agency has portfolio companies including Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, and others to be figured out – representing several of the world biodiversity hotspots.

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Small grant instance studies


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Xenophrys parallela (Xenophrys parallela) project number 13057579 awarded Amount: $4,500

Xenophrys parallela is recognized only from the kind locality, at 1,289-1,320m asl, at Batang Sarasah, Lubuk Selasih, near Solok, West Sumatra, Indonesia. However today that place has came to be to tea garden and that do distrubed for this spesies. We want to search presence this spesies indigenous holotype and another place based on ecology data spesies an initial found and also ecology data Megophrys group.

A short documentary about preserving the Maui Parrotbill in Hawaii special the conservation work-related of Hanna Mounce.

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Maui Parrotbill Conservation

A short documentary about preserving the Maui Parrotbill in Hawaii featuring the conservation job-related of Hanna Mounce.

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