here"s mine thesis files:

Please help me to deal with the error, I"ve tried all the points I can uncover with Google :( :

! lacking endcsname inserted. egingroup l.52 ...}intopreamble>Deobfuscation}4.1.1xii The regulate sequence significant have to not appear between csname and also endcsname. ( riet_thesis_testLVTN.aux


You have a wrong personality in one of your labels:

subsectionLLVMlabelsubsec:LLVMDeobfuscationwhere, between LLVM and also Deobfuscation, you have actually the Unicode character U+200E (LEFT-TO-RIGHT MARK) that somehow sneaked in.

You are watching: ! missing endcsname inserted.

Retype the label and you need to be OK.



For others if you have not tried come delete every the generated files from and also, then do that before any kind of other changes, since it can be a compilation error.


I never wrote Vietnamese and also don"t know if it have the right to be done v However, if I use instead and also

documentclassreport%usepackagevietnam%% is by default utf8usepackagefontspec%% fill unicode fontsusepackagegraphicxusepackagepdfpagesusepackagesuthesis-2eegindocument ...I"ll get a appropriate output through out any kind of errors.

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together I wrote: use might preamble and also then operation instead of Every editor ahopuld have actually such a button or topix because that
If you usage usepackageunderscore the "_" character in brand will cause this error.

To fix this add the following: usepackagebabel


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`Undefined control sequence` error once trying to compose the value of a csname...endcsname control-sequence to the log file
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