The graphic on Wooderson’s (Matthew McConaughey) t-shirt in Dazed and also Confused is the of Ted Nugent and also The Amboy Duke’s seventh and final album ‘Tooth Fang & Claw.’ i don’t understand much around Ted Nugent but Wooderson had one that the best movie price quotes of every time; the ubiquitous ‘alright, alright, alright.’


Sometimes you just need a t-shirt come let civilization know what you’re all about. If you’re like Slater native Dazed...

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This t-shirt says “Summer Time Utah.” It’s not the most interesting t-shirt, but since we were...


The shirt that Sid wore in Toy Story has a white skull top top it. Come me, this shirt has the Zero Skateboards skull logo on...

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I lastly saw Mud, i really liked it. One of the very first things i noticed in the film, due to the fact that it’s like 2nd nature...