On in march 14, 2019, just Area schools participated in the 2nd annual high college walkout versus gun violence. At 10:00 AM, hundreds of students walked the end of your classrooms to take part in the event, which lasted 17 minutes for the 17 lives shed in Parkland, Florida ~ above February 14, 2018. Exactly one year prior, around 3,000 schools about the country walked the end to respect the tragedy in ~ Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and to need gun violence revolutionary from local and also federal governments. While some action has happened and some reforms have been made, it is not enough. Us walked outagain come prove come our representatives that fear has no ar in our schools. Click listed below to find out more.

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March for Our stays San José was started by David Lei, Hiwad Haider, Joel Rodriguez, Daniel Voskoboynik, Izaiah Tilton, Hazel Stange, Novia Dattatri, and also Julie kid in February that 2018. On in march 24th, they placed on the an initial March because that Our lives in Downtown mountain José, gathering 10s of thousands of marchers sustaining the cause versus gun violence. Many thanks to their motivating work, the team to be awarded a certificate of recognition from the California legislative branch Assembly and a commendation from the city of san Jose. Now, a new group of college student activists has taken end to proceed the amplification that youth voices and also further the activity against total violence. Click below to learn an ext about the 2022 leaders of March for Our lives San José.



March for Our lives San José is a student-led, grassroots company demanding action against pistol violence. In our second year, we are proceeding to demand change so the no person in this country has to are afraid for their stays in public spaces. Click below to check out our full mission statement.

Last year us marched. This year us celebrated. ~ the students indigenous Parkland incited historical protests and marches in 2018 to combat gun violence, it ended up being clear to the United states that youth voices haveunrecognized power and also unlimited potential. This year, March because that Our lives San José arranged a rally to acknowledge and also salute the youth of the only Area, in partnership through March because that Our Lives and March because that Our stays California. Us gathered at Arena environment-friendly and, v the help of speakers, singers, artists, and politicians, we empowered and inspired. Click below to learn more.

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Started in 2017 in response to the Parkland Massacre, March because that Our stays San Jose intends to minimize gun violence and also encourage youth to work in the mountain Jose area.