In The Man in the High Castle season 2 episode 7 “Land O’ Smiles”, Frank is still left with the guilt of his sister and their children being eliminated in a gas chamber. It’s a cliche nightmare whereby one character makes an effort to conserve others however ultimately fails. Following his nightmares, Frank and also Sarah are sent out on a scouting mission come a serial warehouse that the General regularly visits. If posing as food vendors, frank blows his cover and also the resistance isn’t too happy that he compromised their mission. Or go he? What open minded discovers is the the Japanese were building an atomic bomb, but how does the tie into the films? of course, the Nazis would discover of it and also devastate mountain Francisco prior to they could finish the bomb.

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While Ed and also Childan barely complete the cufflinks ~ above time, they confront their biggest concern – the sale. Once a hesitant buyer notices that the cufflinks weren’t advertised, they believe they room fake. As soon as all hope appears lost, Ed designers a story explaining how the last human who had actually possession of Lincoln’s cufflinks to be killed. After ~ the sale, Childan insists Frank need to make the drop-off, fearing the Yakuza would certainly kill castle off. As close Ed and also Frank are, Ed refuses to danger his friend’s life. Childan reluctantly follows as insurance, as he’s the just one who have the right to speak Japanese. Childan clearly claimed the wrong things as the two are locked up. Who involves save the day? The Kempeitai who killed off the Yakuza leaders for working with the Nazis. This human being is fairly crazy, you’d desire to assistance either side, however ultimately, they room both antagonistic forces.


On the other side the the continent, the Smiths prepare for Dr. Adler’s funeral. Throughout the episode, john Smith seems conflicted together he ponders end photos the his family and Hitler. Possibly he’s beginning to question his allegiance? throughout the funeral, smith is left uneasy because that being responsible for Adler’s passing. The isn’t the only one troubled throughout the funeral, as Juliana is in attendance while discovering no one however the Smiths. Things become more complicated for john as that is tasked through delivering a eulogy. For this reason what go a troubled man delivering a eulogy do? provide a eulogy for the deceased that’s in reality for themselves.

Things take it a turn when Thomas has actually a seizure ~ the service. Fortunately, no one notices and also Thomas recovers briefly. However, the Smiths space in for a enlarge complication when Ms. Adler tells them she refused to allow her so late husband it is in cremated. Top top the other hand, Helen Smith additional makes attempts come cover Thomas’ illness when she confronts Juliana. Juliana insists she to trust Thomas’ fallen was as result of overexertion. However, when spying for the resistance, she often seems conflicted. The biggest turn of events was in ~ the finish of the episode as soon as Hitler to be announced to have collapsed, and also things don’t look as well good.

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The scene in between Ed and Childan getting high after being cost-free of Okamura’s debt was brilliant. An ext of those, please.This episode greatly served as a filler, but a an excellent way to collection things into motion for the finale.