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The Love Nikki Miraland Quiz event is back! As an event most Love Nikki players look front to the most, the brand-new Miraland Quiz kicked off March 11 and runs through March 17. The event is a great way to gather part extra coins, stamina and other materials you might need ahead of the upcoming Lovi Nikki Barbie — a debut event. To help you do the most of the Miraland event, we"ve put together a overview for just how to participate, rewards you have the right to win, and answers come all recognized Miraland Quiz questions. Enjoy!

How does The Miraland Quiz in march 2019 event Work?


The Love Nikki Miraland quiz has actually returned!ELEXThe Miraland Quiz occasion is reasonably simple to understand. Just play through any kind of regular story Stage battle and also Feather Pens will certainly drop randomly. Once you gain one or much more feather pens, head over to the events Icon and also tap on the Time-Limited tab and also choose the Miraland Quiz . Below you have the right to turn in a feather pen because that a possibility to prize Miraland Quiz questions.. You"ll be provided rewards such as gems, coins, star coins and stamina regardless of if your answer is right or wrong. You want to price as plenty of as you have the right to correctly despite as, ~ a specific variety of correct answers, you"ll be offered bigger rewards. Every the rewards you have the right to win during the occasion are listed below.

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Miraland Quiz Rewards

6 exactly Answers - 5 Diamonds, 10 Coin Stars12 correct Answers - V-pattern Cotton, 10 Stamina20 exactly Answers - love husband Bag, 20 Stamina28 correct Answers - 10 Diamonds, 15 Star Coin37 correct Answers - Grevy"s Zebra, 30 Stamina46 correct Answers - Dappled, 35 Stamina55 exactly Answers - 15 Diamond, 20 Star Coin66 correct Answers - Fluffy Rabbit, 40 Stamina77 correct Answers - Fluffy Coat, 60 Stamina

Miraland Quiz Answers because that Clothing and also Trivia Quizzes


Miraland Quizzes are about clothing items or Love Nikki Lore.ELEX

Clothing Quizzes

There are two species of quiz inquiries you will certainly encounter throughout the Miraland Quiz. The an initial type has to do through Clothing. While we hope to have actually a perform of this answers up soon, the easiest way to uncover the systems is come visit the Nikki"s information Wardrobe Page and tap top top the type of item displayed in the concern (hat, coat etc.). You will certainly see an entire list of items there. Come quickly find which is the one girlfriend need, press down COMMAND + F on your computer to bring up a little search box. Type in the an initial word of one of the possible answers. The display will now direct you to all items with that keyword in it. If the item isn"t the very same as the one in your question, then try the next answer till you hit the exactly one. NOTE: Some inquiries will show a "customized" version of the item therefore don"t skim just for the correct color. You have to examine the architecture of the article to check out if it matches.

Trivia/Lore Quizzes

An on-going perform of the Miraland Trivia Quiz answer is being collected by the official Love Nikki facebook group and also has to be post here. Below we"ve included everything top top the perform so far, however if friend can"t uncover the answer girlfriend need, examine the connected spreadsheet to see if it has actually been added there. Additionally, if you room not yet a member that the main Love Nikki facebook Group, friend should consider joining together it regularly brings the finest compilation that guides and also tips for Love Nikki events.

UPDATE: April 2019 Quiz Answers have the right to be found here.

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After offering 10 choose in Competition, you have the right to open the gift box, i beg your pardon reward is a:Crystal RoseAfter clearing the main stages, where have the right to we evaluation stories and also manga?In Time DiaryAfter providing 10 choose in Competition, you have the right to open the gift box, which reward is a:Crystal RoseBy Guinness civilization Records just how many kids does the many prolific mommy have?69Congrats! You drew a basic question!Correct optionHow did Nikki and also her friends concerned the Republic of Wasteland native the Lilith Kingdom?By TrainHow deserve to we obtain the Dreamland Teatime set of Lilith KingdomPavilion the FantasyHow have the right to we obtain the Locco"s Tea Party set?Room the MysteryHow have the right to we get the understand Magician set?Pavilion that FantasyHow do we obtain the unique background in Journey?Time DiaryHow countless bags deserve to Nikki wear at the very same time?As many as she wantsHow countless colors does fit Flower Fairy Mevilla have?3How countless Crystal Shoe piece are necessary to make one shoe?50How numerous crystal roses are required to exchange for miss out on Puff in the crystal Garden?165How countless crystal roses deserve to a player attain if she reaches 1%-5% in Competition?20How numerous diamonds have the right to you get by finishing everyday Quests?53How plenty of leaves do Shamrocks commonly have?3How countless parts space there in fit Star Sea, the endowment of the ?3How numerous photos have the right to you save to Starry Corridor?50How plenty of suits are included in occasion Ghost Gathering?5How plenty of functions are there in Workshop?4How numerous nations space there across the Miraland?7How many civilization designed the mansion design template suits?1How plenty of SS features does Star Prophecy, the jacket of the Star Seer outfit, have?5How countless stamina can you insurance claim in friends" mails?50How numerous Star Coins can you earn if you win the battle?5How many suits are there gradually Yard?8How plenty of time deserve to the "Story the Shanghai" dress be evolved?3How lot does miss Anna cost in store of Starlight?39 Starlight CoinsHow much is memory of Youth in Store?2387 GoldHow to gain White Swan as soon as you have actually Black Swan?EvolutionIf you authorize in monthly, i m sorry is the collection you will attain in the first month?Cinnabar CloudIn Greek mythology, who"s known as the mommy of gods?RheaHow plenty of diamonds are needed for 10 color etc in the Pavilion of Fantasy?540In the very first round of Fantasy Styling Contest, who"s Nikki opponent?SherriIn which chapter Kimi an initial showed up?Chapter 2In which event did we first introduce avatar pendant?Haunted NightIn i m sorry show"s rehearsal to be Nikki and also Royce invite to join?Romeo and CinderellaThere space 5 Tiers in Stylist Contest. What is the 3rd?Senior StylistUsually, i beg your pardon flower will be provided on Mother"s Day?CarnationsWhat can you carry out in Starry Corridor?Share her styleWhat have the right to you not perform in Competition?Have a layout contestWhat deserve to you not do in Home?Cook foodWhat discount deserve to a VIP6 player acquire in Store?15% offWhat does Momo commonly wear?A cloakWhat is Priestess Pansa"s true identity?An Iron climbed Legion memberWhat items deserve to you buy at Time Yard?Karma CrystalWhat collection is Nikki attract in the Pavilion the Fantasy posterSheer DanceWhat suit led to misunderstanding between Bai Jinjin and also Zhong Lizi?BunnyWhat take away the longest time in life Bits Quests?ArrangeWhat will you gain after reading small Red talk Hood in the AssociationMax Stamina BoostWhat is mom Teresa known for?Charity WorkWhat"s Nidhogg"s favorite small animal?RabbitWhat to be Nikki and also her friends seeking in Wasteland after the mutiny of Nidhogg?Miracle ScrollWhat is Annabel"s profession?Manga Artist.What is in the pot that Irish eco-friendly elf?GoldsWhat"s Nikki"s constellation?SagittariusWhat prize collection is in Love Nikki Anniversary EventSweet BreezeWhat"s special towel owned by Lunar"s family?Cloud CalicoWhat one-of-a-kind stylist team commanded through Queen Elle?Iron RoseWhat"s the surname of the queen who summoned Nikki to Miraland?NanariWhat"s the city that Luna works in together Chief DesignerCloud CityWhat"s the relationship between Princess Dawn and also Queen NightThe same personWhat"s the target suit at the finish of thing 3?Rock SingerWhat"s the true identification of Wasteland monk Ransa?Iron rose LegionWhat"s correct to secure her account?Link account v a mailWhen did the association Shop refresh in ~ night?20:00:00When skill "smile" will max level, just how much can you score it is in improved?0.27What"s Toto"s Aries boyfriend"s profession?PhotographerWhere have the right to you gain a rename card?Users ShopWhere can you see the map of Miraland?Time DiaryWhere did Nikki accomplish Sherry first?Fantasy Styling ContestWhere walk the Legend of Yunikina and also Eagle happen?White absent CityWhere does modern Mother"s work originate?AmericaWhere is Designer"s Tea Party held?WintermountWhere is Orlando from?Apple FederationWhere"s the countryside of Nidhogg?NorthWhere"s Fantasy Styling challenge heldRoyal CityWhich character readily available the design template White Fairy, Otherworldly, Elegance and also Pure?LunarWhich classification does "Washing Machine" belong to?BottomsWhich nation celebrates Mother"s day on the second Sunday the May?JapanWhich country is greatly covered v snow in Miraland?North KingdomWhich job is the negotiation day because that Arena?MondayWhich flower is included in fit Romeo?RoseWhich is no a good choice because that Mother"s Day?Sleep off the dayWhich item deserve to you no buy in the User"s shop?Pavilion of secret SetsWhich country did Nikki come in as soon as she an initial came to Miraland?Apple FederationWhich country of the Miraland go Bobo"s everyday dressing format belong to?Lilith KingdomWhich NPC"s fit is not included in 4 Seasons?SofiaWhich school did TImi go to for advanced studies with her senior?Cicia design SchoolWhich set below does no belong to the Pigeon Kingdom?Star SeerWhich suit belongs come Mori Girl series?Deer ElfWhich VIP level can acquire the Umbrella memory set?V12Who room the two characters in the story of Ghost Gathering?Stich and also AdoraWho is credited with establishing Mother"s Day?Anna JarvisWho is the famous writer Hayden"s servant?LilianWho is the an initial woman in the Bible?EveWho robbed the style of Lunar in Wheat Field?MelaWho sent out Yvette a "March Hare" as a gift?NidhoggWho was the person that looks favor Nikki in ~ the Designer"s Tea Party?Bai JinjinWho"s Lu Yinian?The Landlady of Moon InnWho"s the chief designer of to apologize Federation Apparel Group?JoeWho"s the writer of the fairytale: Dream the Evernight Kingdom?HaydenWhat"s NOT one more word because that the motherboard?KeyboardWhat"s the gender of Fantasy Envoy?MaleWhat does no Mother"s job honor?World PeaceWhen to be the an initial modern Mother"s work celebrated?1908Who was the last human being that looks like Nikki at the Designer"s Tea Party?Bai JinjinWhich newspaper does journalist Cali work for?Amphithea NewsWhat"s the real identification of Tuda?Son of tribe ChieftainWho"s the little girl Nikki met in Moonlit City?The MayorIn which city did Nine-Day battle break out?RolterdanWhich format is the weak of Bai JinJin?PigeonWhat is the very first set that presented dynamic impact in Love Nikki?Princess AzharWho"s the seer the Nikki met in Wasteland?StarletWho placed yeast in towel in Silk Shop and took Lunar away?MayorWhose functions were taken by Queen Elle the Pigeon Kingdom in the Nine-DayKing SayetWhich nation does the suit Demon Huntress belong to?Pigeon KingdomHow plenty of colors walk the fit Flower Fairy Mevilla have?3Who was apprehended ~ Star Sea was stolen?LisaWhich is the first music fit in Love Nikki?Sky RhapsodyWhat is the pets Icewind Warchant that Eagle provided Eunikina?Grani LightningIn which thing Kimi very first showed up?2Which publication is NOT consisted of in the combination Library?AliceWhich one does not belong the Life Bits of Home?Shopping CarnivalWhat"s the first set that has actually transparent limb parts?Cosmos TideWhere go Nidhogg an initial gain fame?Designer Tea PartyWhat"s young chopper Fu Su"s true identity?Master Designer"s discipleWhat is the only island nation in Miraland?RuinWhat"s the shade of Kaja"s spectacle frames?BlueWhat"s the title of archpriest Imm?Wind WhispererWhich ancient civilization first started celebrate Mother"s Day?Ancient GreeceWhere does the leprechaun hide his pot of gold?At the end of the rainbowWhich listed below is NOT compelled to handmade Star Sea?PolychromeWhich personality did not attend Fantasy Styling Contest?Fu SuWhich instrument has not appeared in Troupe suits?AccordionWhich of the complying with is not one of the four fairies in Flower Field?SnowWhich among the complying with isn"t an alternate color of the "Rustling Bamboo"?Rustling Bamboo-DrunkWhich among the adhering to outfits is not a wedding dress?Cake manorWhich mystery organization go Mela, that robbed Lunar"s design, belong to?Iron climbed StylistsWhich skill can remove the impact of Sleeping?True LoveWho is the designer of the White Swan set?Star SeerWho is the president of the Mercury Group?ReidWho stormed Moon Inn for Bai Jinjin?Zhong LiziWho wrote the time Diary in achievement?Nikki