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Okay, it's this time that the main again and also I'm back with my evaluation on the newest episode of LBC. However first, i really must say this... I have actually never to be madder that my job requires me to occupational on weekends... WHY? WHY? WHY? ns seriously think if her job avoids you from watching your favorite BL drama, find another one that won't <...Just kidding... Please don't hear to mine bullsh!t...>

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Now, shall us head to the review???


Thunderstruck can is just too adorable and also funny to clock LMAO. The town hall those 2 siblings together makes me really wonder that is the older one =))))) ~ the Chupa Chups scene, ns felt an urge inside me and also it called me come go and also show the love of my life how I feel... Therefore I showed my cat the Chupa Chups lollipops in hope that she would understand and give me a kiss, and also this was her reaction...

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Can: No, that wasn't a kiss.

Can: Ai Tin! Why the f*ck did you kiss me?

Can: my mouth is quiet virgin... It's still virgin...

Can: No... Not to him, Ai Can.

Can: these lips are for a girl through the large boobs only.


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