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used by more than a million readers, feather OUT/LOOKING IN, Thirteenth Edition, continues its market-leading tradition of combining existing scholarship and also research through a reader-friendly voice that links course topics to students" day-to-day lives. This well-known text encourages students to boost their interpersonal skills and sharpen their critical understanding of interaction processes with diverse and also compelling examples that illustrate how each student"s communication skills impact both culture and their very own life. Present your students how and also why learning the simple concepts of communication can change their relationships and their job success, with the text that engages lock in theory through renowned references come interpersonal concepts that are acquainted in music, art, movies, and television.

Table the Contents

1. A first Look in ~ Interpersonal Communication. 2. Communication and also Identity: Creating and also Presenting the Self. 3. Perception: What you check out is What you Get. 4. Emotions: Thinking, Feeling and also Communicating. 5. Language: Barrier and also Bridge. 6. Nonverbal Communication: Messages past Words. 7. Listening: much more than Meets the Ear. 8. Communication and also Relational Dynamic. 9. Intimacy and also Distance in Relational Communication. 10. Improving communication Climates. 11. Managing Interpersonal Conflicts.
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