Have you ever before started Lightroom to be presented v an error stating Lightroom catalog named can not be opened because another application currently has it opened? No? you will, at part time.

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This error is widespread, and thankfully, the is simple to fix. To deal with this error: –

Close Lightroom standard – or the error conversation box;Navigate come the folder whereby your Lightroom Classic brochure is kept. By default, the directory is save on computer in your photos folder: –Windows:UsersPicturesLightroomMac OS: /Users//Pictures/LightroomThis folder will contain number of files, but you are just interested in one paper – .lrcat.lock. For sure the filename has actually the .lock expansion at the end. Delete this paper ONLY. Perform NOT delete any kind of other file;Restart Lightroom Classic and all is good.


Why walk this Lightroom catalog cannot be opened up error appear?

Lightroom classic uses the catalog file as that database for your images. This database is essential for Lightroom to work due to the fact that it contains information about your images. The information pertains to the location of your images, adjustments you have actually applied, metadata and also a plethora that other crucial facts. When Lightroom is open, it will lock the catalog record to prevent various other applications native accessing and making alters to the catalog. This plot is not distinctive to Lightroom and also is mutual by most, if not all, applications that depend on a database.

Normally, this .lock document is instantly deleted as soon as lightroom closes. The following time Lightroom is launched, the .lock file for the suitable catalog is created and remains in ar until Lightroom is closed. This behaviour usually happens seamlessly. However, if Lightroom is not closed correctly or crashes, the .lock paper is not instantly deleted and also remains in place. If this .lock document is present, Lightroom cannot open up with that details catalog. The will open up with an additional catalog that does not have a matching .lock paper – thus the choice “Choose a different Catalog” in the error dialogue box.

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This is why deleting the .lock paper will allow Lightroom classic to launch v the selected catalog.