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Nursing Care $11,993* (click listed below for pricing info)
Assisted Living $5,380* (click listed below for pricing info)

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About Life treatment Center that The phibìc Shore

Located in ~ 111 Birch St in Lynn, Massachusetts, Life care Center that The phibìc Shore is a 123 unit an elderly housing community. Through a median family members income of $38,107, the facility is in a greatly middle course area. It has actually a thick population, with approximately 46,000 people residing in the 01902 zip code. Located nearby are a variety of local conveniences, such as health treatment facilities, retail shopping, and churches. They"re located just 2.64 mile from north Shore medical Center. There room a variety of churches within four miles, consisting of Holy family Catholic Church, an initial Church of Nazarene, St Pius V Catholic Church, and East Baptist Church. There are also dozens of drug stores within one mile of the community.

Life treatment Center that The north Shore uses several treatment options, including aided living and nursing home care. They room a great fit for people who have actually mobility but may require some help with completing everyday tasks choose showering, prepare food, and house cleaning. Castle can also accommodate individuals who call for a greater degree that attention and also frequent medical care.

This facility attributes a wide array of services and amenities. Property amenities include high speed internet, a game and recreation room, one on site diner, a communal dining hall, and a publication collection. Also offered are laundry cleaning and also local transportation, together with other personal services. Additionally, they market multiple social tasks including spiritual/religious activities, arts and also crafts , off-site outings, education programs, and TV and also movie nights.

The approximated average cost of treatment for this facility is roughly $8,687 per month. This is much less than the $8,978 estimated cost for the city of Lynn. The price average because that Massachusetts is approximately $7,814, matches $4,930 nationally.

Life care Center the The north Shore has been in business for 29 years and also they"re certified v both Medicare and Medicaid. They got a full score that 5/5 stars in the many recent Medicare report, based upon a collective criterion of security audits, all-around quality, and also staff evaluations. They had 2 deficiencies recorded, no complaints made, no payment denials, no fines assessed, and no total penalties assessed within the reporting year.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

QuestionWhat is the price of treatment at Life treatment Center of The phibìc Shore?

AnswerThe estimated average cost of care for this basic is roughly $8,687 per month. This is less than the $8,978 estimated price for the city the Lynn. The expense average for Massachusetts is roughly $7,814, versus $4,930 nationally.

QuestionHow walk Medicare price Life treatment Center the The phibìc Shore?

AnswerMedicare offered Life treatment Center the The north Shore an median rating the 4.6/5 stars in the recent survey.

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QuestionWhat species of payment go Life treatment Center the The north Shore accept?

AnswerAccording to our records, Life treatment Center the The north Shore accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and also va benefits.

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