familiar COMPETITION: actor Lee Jong Suk (left) in W and also actor Kim Woo Bin in Uncontrollaby Fond.PHOTOS: VIU
familiar COMPETITION: actor Lee Jong Suk (above) in W and actor Kim Woo Bin in Uncontrollaby Fond.PHOTOS: VIU
friendly COMPETITION: gibbs Lee Jong Suk in W and also actor Kim Woo Bin (above) in Uncontrollaby Fond.PHOTOS: VIU


Squid game director confirms arrangement for 2nd season

Nov 10, 2021

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At W"s press conference critical month, Lee talked around the competition between their recent dramas.

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He was asked by Kim to make a cameo in Uncontrollably Fond, but did not do so due to scheduling conflicts.

According come entertainment website allkpop, Lee said: "We have actually a symbiotic partnership to the allude that we consider ourselves spiritual companions. Us told each other, "Whoever does well need to buy a meal"."

Kim echoed Lee"s sentiment at Uncontrollably Fond"s press conference critical month.

Entertainment website Soompi reported Kim together saying: "It"s an honour to (compete) v a friend, and it"s not every day that this happens, so we"re supporting each other."

But reports proceed to compare their acting an abilities and the drama ratings.

Uncontrollably Fond, i m sorry premiered top top July 6, obtained a hard rating the 12.5 every cent in its very first week.

It is around a couple, played by Kim and South oriental singer-actress Bae Suzy, that are rejoined after they to be separated once they were teenagers.

With Bae as the woman lead, Uncontrollably Fond to be tipped to it is in the next K-drama sensation complying with Descendants of The Sun.

But once W debuted two weeks after that July 20, the ratings because that Uncontrollably Fond stumbled prior to diving come 7.9 every cent.

W proceeds to hold strong, with 13.8 every cent for its Aug 10 episode.

In the fantasy-romance, Lee and also South korean actress Han Hyo Joo room able come cross in between the real world and also the webtoon kingdom to conserve the life of Lee"s webtoon protagonist.

Going beyond the numbers, the typecasting the Kim together the alpha malehas attractive criticism.


He played a grudging college student in institution 2013, a privileged high school bully in The Heirs (2013) and a volatile actor that kicks a girl because that rejecting his advances in Uncontrollably Fond. Kim appears to be dishing the end the same thing.

In contrast, Lee showed his versatility when he played a fiery reporter in Pinocchio (2014) and also then a mind-reader in I can Hear your Voice (2013).

And it looks favor the negativity has affected Kim.

The website Soompi reported that Kim, making use of his Uncontrollably Fond"s personality name, Shin Joon Young, post an apology in his "fan cafe", a website for fans and also idols to interact.

It read: "I apologise because that coming to you therefore late. In this precious time, once everyone is see me as Shin Joon Young, I want to leaving a blog post under the title "This is Shin Joon-young," however leaving one (message) now, as the drama overcome the halfway mark, I"m embarrassed.

"Everyone must have actually waited a long time for a brand-new drama (Uncontrollably Fond), and also looked forward all the more, yet I"m concerned that i wasn"t may be to meet expectations… I"m sorry around not gift able to present a bright and cheerful character."

The continuous comparison in between Kim and also Lee is not new, with Lee always ahead that Kim because their breakthrough in school 2013.

Until Uncontrollably Fond, Kim had actually yet to nail a lead function in a drama, whereas Lee played it in 3 hit tv series - I deserve to Hear her Voice, physician Stranger (2014) and also Pinocchio.

In 2014, Lee"s career take it a fight after that rejected a fan"s gift in ~ the airport. He was compared to Kim, who was exalted together respectful and also considerate because that receiving presents with both hands.

Lee bounced ago after a one-and-a-half-year hiatus and also is speak high again many thanks to W.

Last week, 3,000 ticket to a fan accomplish in Seoulwere snapped up in five minutes.

But Lee is not resting on his laurels.

On his personality in W, that told W magazine: "I think (acting together a webtoon character) is something I"m good at. I"m confident as soon as it concerns getting rid that cheesiness. It"s complicated this time, therefore I"m working hard."

l Uncontrollably Fond and W are obtainable on viu.com or Viu mobile app, with Chinese and also English subtitles, for free.

l because that Viu Premium users, record the recent episodes of Uncontrollably Fond every Wednesday and also Thursday 10pm, best after Korea"s telecast and also enjoy endless downloads because that offline viewing if on the go. W is also easily accessible on Viu Premium as fast as eight hrs after Korea, every Thursday and Friday.

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We have a symbiotic connection to the suggest that we consider ourselves spiritual companions. Us told each other "Whoever does well should buy a meal".

- Lee Jong Suk top top his friendship v Kim Woo Bin

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