JAUZ is transforming up the heat this summer v the announcement of the This Is off The Deep End compilation LP that’s due the end on July 26.

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JAUZ may be well-known to his fans as the “Daddy Shark” of base house yet come July 26 he’ll be dipping his toes into some new water together he just announced the release day for his new compilation LP title JAUZ presents: This Is turn off The Deep End. special 10-tracks in total, the LP is slated for relax on his label Bite This! and will certainly showcase a deeper next of JAUZ – both literally and also figuratively.

Although he can be known for his signature hard-hitting basslines, JAUZ will be placing those top top hold and also experimenting with some sound from the underground. The compilation will deliver two new JAUZ tracks as well as music from some various other unnamed friends making for an amazing taste regarding what this next of our favourite shark sound like.

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This year has currently been a massive one for JAUZ together he’s to be riding a nonstop wave of releases and also sets that have actually kept his fans coming ago for more. Recently collaborating with UK producer Axel Boy on “I dare You,” he also finally delivered on his promise that remixing “Baby Shark” for the masses and gave pan at Coachella a an initial taste that it ago in April. With a packed summer front of him v performances at Tomorrowland, SW4, Creamfields, and also more, us can’t wait to see what else Jauz has in keep for us to feast on!

Stream “I challenge You” top top SoundCloud, pre-save This Is off The Deep End ~ above Spotify or apologize Music, and also read on because that some understanding from JAUZ about the upcoming compilation!

“Throughout mine career, the ax “Off The Deep End” has actually been offered in so plenty of different ways… yet it’s never represented what ns really wanted that brand come be. After a lot of tough work, planning and also waiting because that the ideal moment, the moment is lastly here to show you exactly what turn off The Deep End way to me. 10 closely curated tracks consisting of 2 brand-new songs from myself showcasing the deeper, techier side of the JAUZ project. This is just the beginning of a lot bigger journey… however for now, forget what you thought you knew. THIS is turn off the Deep End.”


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Sydney attributes her love because that music from she mom, that insisted on play The Foo Fighters and also The White Stripes rather than Kiss FM whenever she journey carpool and also agreed to enable Sydney to attend Coachella in the eighth great as long as she might go through her. That an initial festival only greater affirmed Sydney’s enthusiasm for the scene, however it to be not till 2013 once she attended Swedish residence Mafia’s One Last tour concert in Los Angeles the she found electronic music. She was hooked instantly and has due to the fact that attended a complete of 23 festivals, with many concerts in between. Sydney’s favorite artists include RL Grime, Jauz, Jai Wolf, luigi The Child, Slander, Bearson and big Gigantic yet she is continually on the look the end for new music and artists to run to. As soon as she’s not scouring the internet for brand-new tracks or grooving at a concert, Sydney researches Journalism and also Biology permanent at the college of Oregon.