Into The Trash it Goes / Opinion Discarded is a popular online catchphrase connected with various images of American illusionist pen Jillette offered to discredit a person"s opinion. The expression was an initial used on 4chan"s /tv/ plank in 2013, becoming a typical online expression in the adhering to years wherein it spread to various other platforms and sites.

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On February 16th, 2013, an anonymous user of 4chan"s /tv/<1> plank posted photo of comedy magician pen Jillette"s photograph in addition to a greentext story around being a job recruiter, looking at a resume the lists "cinema or TV shows" under the "hobbies" section, and also throws the resume out, illustrated by the phrase, "into the trash it goes" (shown below). This is the faster known write-up using the phrase.

The post inspired many others complying with the same style of uploading photo of pen Jillette (often the very same photograph, yet not always) and writing a greentext story around looking at a resume with something undesirable or cringeworthy top top it, finishing each with a sport of the phrase "into the trash it goes" (examples from March 2013 displayed below).<3><4>



The format soon spread out to various other 4chan boards like /pol/> and also expanded to encompass jokes around situations beyond film and TV (December 2013 instance from /pol/ displayed below).


The associated image the Jillette came to be more facility as the image spread, involving various photoshops and also effects (examples displayed below). Due to its beginning on 4chan, the picture is often paired with Doom Paul, where edits use comparable effects.


Opinion Discarded

One of the many widespread sports of the meme functions a photoshop of penn Jillette standing next to a trashcan filled with 4chan write-ups alongside the caption, "opinion discarded" (shown below). The origin article of the photo is currently unknown.

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The photo inspired many variations featuring other characters and also photoshops that Jillette standing next to a trash have the right to (examples displayed below, left and also center) including a renowned version the Kyoko Toshino from the anime YuriYuri wearing a tomato suit (shown below, right).