It was a gorgeous weekend in long Beach, California, and thousands of beauty, beauty aficionados flocked come the long Beach Convention center to visit the global Salon and Spa Expo, the largest event of its kind on the West Coast. It was the place to go to choose up her favorite beauty products, uncover new-to-you products, and also a ar where any kind of beauty professional can take a number of classes to boost their techniques. I had the satisfied of attending the expo, and I want to re-superstructure a few of mine finds with you. There was definitely a lot come see, and I"m glossing over a couple of of the highlights that recorded my attention, but this is just a quick glimpse at several of the brand on website and activities to watch. Buckle up because this is a photo-heavy post! Ready, let"s perform this!

Attendees that had registered in development were able to go with the me check-in line to acquire their badges quickly. Progressed registration likewise offered a discount come attend, so that was certainly in everyone"s ideal interest come register early if they were able. The line was fast to move so attendees might hit the expo floor shortly after arrival.

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Something the I regularly dislike about events is the bigger rollerbag that civilization like to usage to deliver items. Sure, it renders life easier for the attendee, however they really clog increase an currently busy expo floor. Rather than having the extra congestion as result of the bigger bags, they to be not permitted on the expo floor. Instead, attendees can use the complimentary bag inspect outside the expo floor, and also these turquoise bags were provided for usage on the floor. These bags were massive, and with the thin yarn-like rope handles, they to be actually fairly comfortable ~ above the shoulder. Clearly vendors frequently had their very own bags, however this absolutely prepared attendees for a substantial variety of purchases if the was part of their expo game plan.

This is native the opening on Sunday morning. Attendees inside wall up at the entrance to the expo floor, and also it was specifically crowded top top the opening each day. Since everyone had their badges on hand, entry was really quick. I personally evaluate just just how prepared PBA staff were because that this occasion so that attendees can get wherein they essential to be promptly!

I great I got a better photo of the beauty Bar, however unfortunately through the so late afternoon sunshine coming in on the side, this is the ideal I had the ability to get. While the beauty beauty Bar was no a particularly huge feature that the global Salon and also Spa Expo, it is absolutely one worthy the mention. Attendees could choose five various items from ten choices for a $5 donation. All proceeds indigenous the beauty Bar benefit the experienced Beauty Association"sCut It out Program, a regimen that helps increase awareness of domestic abuse in the shop industry and also giving advice on how to administer assistance come those in need. Fundraisers for residential abuse awareness and activity items are really near and also dear to me, and also I to be happy to watch PBA proceed on through the beauty, beauty Bar fundraiser this year.

Many that the booths had actually demos in site, favor this stamping setup in ~ the Young nails booth. The new Caption Art displays plate in Boho Bungalow is being demonstrated here.
Education can be uncovered outside that the classrooms as well. Booths approximately the expo floor were often showing off a an approach or specialty. Sexy Hairwas one together brandonsite and often checked out cutting someone"s hair, offering tips to onlookers in the area.
On the scene was new nail polishing line,Honey pond Glam, through their launch arsenal of nine shades, peak coat, and also their signature Sweet love husband Cuticle Oil.
One booth visitor got to shot out the Sweet honey Cuticle Oil here. Boxed sets of a solitary colour and also a cuticle oil were available for purchase for "a small bit that honey and a little bit of glam".
While commodities for adults conquered the expo floor, ns was delighted to stumble across little Green, a agency whose assets were developed with the tiny person in mind. Designed to not encompass allergens and also known irritants, the tiny Green line is tenderness for her child"s needs.
The small Green lineup includes assets for kids, infants, and also even a lice preventative line. Ns picked increase a few samples come test out on my own little monstersangels, and I"m cross my finger these room as gentle as the brand claims!
There were part cosmetic brands on site, and also I particularly loved the assembly artist display setup ofAbsolute brand-new York. There was a separate screen for face, eye, and also lip products.
I have to admit i was unfamiliar with this brand prior to attendance in ~ ISSE, yet the commodities seem to be of nice quality and also are affordable.
It"s no mystery that i love my indie brands, and I to be delighted to watch SoapyBliss, a bath and body shop wherein all the commodities are handmade v love. This was a an extremely popular booth with everyone love the unicorn horn and cupcake-shaped bathtub bombs in particular.
Jessica Cosmeticsis a brand that ns feel in important under appreciated, and also I to be pleased to see the brand top top site. This quote" "Colour is a personal style, it specifies who you are." seemed to click through me, and I had actually to snap a photo for this post.
We all know how necessary exfoliation is for the skin, andBonBlissitywas happy to assist with your adorable tiny hand scrubs. This spa-worthy exfoliants space proof that great things have the right to come in tiny packages, and also I love the scent selections!
WhileChellamay have a range of makeup and also skincare products, I constantly seem to combine the brand through eyebrow products. They must know that is your niche and they had a brow bar on site where attendees can have your eyebrows fill in.
La Beaute Hair Professionalsintroduced their brand-new lineup the keratin and also argan shampoo, hair mask, and serum to travellers at the expo.
Ella+Milawas on website with their fabulous assortment that 7-free pond lacquers. I adore the elephants on the bottles as well! The little bottles for your mini me is an added bonus to the cuteness factor!
Cailyn Cosmeticswas one more cosmetic brand present, and they had actually an assortment of your products. Shown above are their iCONE brushes.
Also on site was the brand-new V11 Total treatment Serum. Written of anti-oxidant Fullerene and Vitamin C, this serum promises to boost the look of your skin after only one day.
One of the most promising finds at the expo to be theVandlsGray Fade Gel. Don"t permit this photograph fool you right into believing it is just for men. While the may have actually been at first designed through a male for men, the fragrance of this gel is rather pleasing and also can easily be used by men and also women alike. While it isn"t designed to totally cover grey hair, that does offer some coverage that is still organic looking. I"m expecting this to take the hair sector by storm when it becomes an ext well known.
Have you ever before wondered why your stylist have the right to dry your hair and also have that looking fabulous and also yet you have trouble obtaining the exact same results even if you use the same products and also same techniques? one of the biggest worries is a stylist have the right to use a hair dryer at angle that are simply impossible to do yourself. This seemingly basic device, called theBestieBlow Dryer Holder, attaches to a surface ar for hands-free hand drying. I certainly would have appreciated this when I had actually much much longer hair as well!
I was additionally intrigued by the Cordless Hair Straightener fromUnplugged Beauty. This baby is really lightweight however still feel sturdy. The cordless feature is fantastic, and also it is even USB it is provided so you have the right to truly take it with you and also charge that anywhere!
Luseta Beautywas on website with your assortment that shampoos and conditioners. No matter what her haircare needs, they were there through a solution.
For hair that needed a tiny extra t.l.c., Luseta Beauty also had your argan oil serum and also hair masque.
With a slogan of "Be your very own pro",Kiss new York Professionalis on my watch list this year. It"s a new brand, however with vivid colours in ~ an affordable price, it"s definitely worth check out! ns picked increase a couple of things to check out, and also I"ll be sharing my think on the blog soon!
Makeup artist Clint Brockcame to mine rescue when another brand failed to display to do my makeup as scheduled, and he was just a happiness to chat with!
Arguably nature"s finest moisturizer, Marula Oilis the can be fried age-defying beauty, beauty must-have. I have a tiny sample of this, and also I am eager to provide it a try! I"m seeing more aging in the mirror 보다 I am happy with, and also I to be still top top the hunt because that my holy grail product regime!
Fewer things say luxury like gold, and Amazon series was current with the D"Orolineup the 24K Gold age Defying Shampoo and Masque. Gold naturally protects hair and also skin native aging, and if girlfriend are searching for the can be fried pampering regime, this is it!
Earthly Body additionally has a Hemp seed lineup of products, and they debuted their new CBD everyday Soothing Serum. This serum assures to provide fast-acting relief to sore muscles and aches as intended with clinical marijuana yet without the THC.
MoYou Nailswas an additional brand on site that demonstrated the use of their stamping polishes and plates come passersby.
Bio France Labwas an additional brand that carried luxury v the use of gold to the showroom floor. Attendees can test out their elite 24Kt Eye Cream or their intense Facial Serum. This are only two items of a five-part anti-aging, cell repairing and also rejuvenating protocol designed to give you a luxurious and also nourishing glow.
As I stated previously, this is just a glimpse at the mine time invest at the global Salon and also Spa Expo. It to be a pleasure to attend, and I look front to sharing my think on a few of the samples ns picked up at the event.
If you space a beauty, beauty professional, i strongly encourage girlfriend to attend ISSE following year! booked for January 27-29, 2018, it is a fantastic event with so numerous educational classes! over there are several courses the were complimentary for attendees, and there room also much more that you pay to attend. Numerous attendees informed me the the experience and knowledge they gained was fine worth the small cost come attend and a "must attend" expo if you room able to make it.

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Thank you because that following along with me ~ above this journey! Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!
Greetings, and welcome to mine blog! My name is Jen, and also I am a scientist, beauty beauty blogger, and also mom to two wonderful tiny boys. I test and write around products so the you are much better able come find commodities that work rather than wasting your money on points that don"t. In ~ the end of the day, I want YOU to feel together beautiful ~ above the outside as you execute on the inside.
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