This is the entirety album, taken mainly from the other tabs ~ above this site.Please rate and comment any possible corrections-- thanks.King that Carrot flower Pt. 1 (with thanks to cosmicsoul07)F Bb F C BbF Bb F C BbF once you were young C Bb FYou to be the king of carrot flowers C Bb CAnd how you constructed a tower tumbling v the trees Bb FIn holy rattlesnakes that fell all approximately your feetBb F C BbF C Bb F and also your mommy would pole a fork right right into daddy"s shoulder C Bb CAnd your dad would certainly throw the rubbish all across the floor Bb FAs we would certainly lay and learn what each other"s bodies were forBb F C BbF Bb F C BbF and also this is the room C Bb FOne afternoon ns knew I might love girlfriend C Bb CAnd from over you how I sank right into your soul Bb FInto that secret place where no one dares come goBb F C BbF C Bb F and also your mom would drink till she to be no much longer speaking C Bb CAnd dad would certainly dream of every the various ways to die Bb FEach one a little an ext than he might dare come tryBb F C BbF Bb F C BbF Bb F C BbF Bb F C Bb F--------------------------------------------------------------------------King of Carrot flowers Pt. 2 & 3 (thanks to rjamie) FI love you Jesus ChristJesus Christ ns love girlfriend CYes i doFI love you, Jesus ChristJesus Christ, ns love friend CYes i doAnd ~ above the lazy daysThe dog dissolve and drain awayThe civilization it goesand all awaits F The day we room awaitingF Bb F C F Bb F CF Bb F C F Bb F CF Bb F C F Bb F CFUp and also over, we gothrough the wave and undertow CI will float till I learn just how to swim FInside my mother in a rubbish bin CUntil I discover myself again, again, oh-ohF Bb F C F Bb F CFUp and also over, us gomouths open vast and spitting quiet CI will certainly spit till I learn how to speak FUp with the door as the next boards creak CBut I"m never proclaiming me, me, oh-ohF Bb F C F Bb F CFUp and also over, us goThe weight, it sit on downand i don"t understand CI will certainly shout till they know what I typical FI mean the marital relationship of a dead dog sing CAnd a fabricated flying machine, machine, oh-ohF Bb F C F Bb F C Oh-oh Oh-oh F Bb F C F Bb F C Oh-oh F Okay--------------------------------------------------------------------------In the Aeroplane end the Sea (thanks to fret-less) G Em C DG EmWhat a beautiful challenge CI have found in this place, D that is circling every "round the sun.

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EmWhat a beautiful dream Cthat might flash ~ above the display screen D Gin a blink of an eye and be gone from me, Em soft and sweet, C D G Em C Dlet me host it close and keep it below with meG Emand one day we will certainly die C Dand our ashes will fly indigenous the aeroplane end the seaG Embut for currently we space young Clet us lay in the sunlight D Gand count every beautiful thing we deserve to seeG EmLove to be C D G Em C Din the eight of every I"m keepin" right here with meEm C G DEm C G DG Em Cwhat a curious life us have discovered here this evening Dthere is music the sounds native the streetG Emthere room lights in the cloud CAnna"s ghost all roughly D Ghear her voice together it"s rolling and also ringing with meG Emsoft and sweet C D G Em C DHow the notes all bend and also reach above the treesEm Cnow how I remember girlfriend Ghow i would press my fingers with Dyour mouth to make those muscles move Emthat make her voice so smooth and sweet CAnd now we save where we don"t understand G All secrets sleep in winter garments D with one you love so long back now that don"t even know his nameEm C G DG EmWhat a beautiful face CI have uncovered in this ar Dthat is circling all "round the sunG Emand when we meet on a cloud CI"ll it is in laughing the end loud D GI"ll it is in laughing v everyone that ns seeG Em C D G Em C DCan"t believe how strange it is to it is in anything at allG----------------------------------------------------------------------------Two Headed boy GG BTwo headed young G BAll floating in glass G BThe sunlight it has passed C G Now it"s blacker than black C DI can hear as you tap on your jar C GI to be listening to hear whereby you space C GI am listening to hear whereby you areG BTwo headed boyG BPut on sunday shoes G B C GAnd dance round the room come accordion secrets C DWith the needle the sings in your heart C GCatching signals the sound in the dark C GCatching signals the sound in the dark D C We will certainly take off our clothing G D CAnd they"ll it is in placing fingers with the notches in your spine G D CAnd when all is break , everything that you might keep inside Am Dnow you"re eyes aint relocating now, they just lay over there in your cloudG BTwo headed boy G BWith pulleys and also weights G B C GCreating a radio played just for 2 C DIn the parlor through a moon across her challenge C GAnd v the music the sweetly display screens C GSilver speaker that sparkle every day C Am D CMade because that his lover who"s floating and choking v her hands throughout her confront G D CAnd in the dark we will take turn off our clothing G D CAnd they"ll it is in placing fingers v the notches in her spine G D CAnd as soon as all is breaking, every little thing that you might keep within Am Dnow you"re eye ain"t relocating now, they just lay there in your clouououououdG BTwo headed young G B There"s no factor to grieve G B C GThe world that you require is wrapped in gold silver- sleeves C DLeft beneath Christmas trees in the eye C GAnd I will certainly take you and leave you alone C GWatching spirals the white softly circulation COver her eyelids and also all you did DWill wait till the suggest when you let goC GDee dee dee dee dee dee du dee deeC GDee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee deeC GDee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee dee-------------------------------------------------------------------------The Fool-- I"m not so certain on this one but if playing through the totality album you have the right to interlude v these chords-- ns think they"re right.I think it"s miscellaneous like: changing between-- to be Em to be Em x2 then G adhered to by a fast F prior to going ago to am Em am Em (multiple times) then when it gets higher, I"m no sure, but I think it then just alternates between C E C E (also many times) climate it goes right earlier into to be Em am Em yes so I usage these chords once I"m playing together with the tune on the album and it works out pretty good but if friend have any type of suggestions you re welcome share.---------------------------------------------------------------------------Holland, 1945 (thanks come fret-less) C Two, one, two, three, 4 (muted strumming -----|)C G C GC GThe just girl I"ve ever lovedC GWas born with roses in she eyesC GBut climate they buried her alive D COne night Nine-teen-forty-five D GWith simply her sisters at she side D CAnd only weeks prior to the guns D GAll came and also rained on anyone D CNow she"s a tiny boy in Spain D GPlaying pianos filled through flames D COn empty rings roughly the sun D C GAll song to say mine dream has come C GBut currently we must pick up every item C GOf this life we provided to love C GJust to save ourselves at least DEnough to lug on!C GAnd currently we journey the circus wheelC GWith your dark brother wrapped in whiteC GSays the was great to be alive D CBut now he rides a comet"s flame D GAnd won"t it is in coming earlier again D CThe planet looks much better from a star D GThat"s right above from wherein you space D C He didn"t mean to make you cry D GWith sparks that ring and bullets paris D COn north rings about your heart D C GThe human being just screams and falls apart C GBut now we should pick increase every item C GOf the life we offered to love C GJust to keep ourselves at least DEnough to lug on! G A B C GAnd here"s whereby your mother sleeps G A B C G DAnd below is the room wherein your brothers to be born G A B C GIn-den-tions in the sheets G A B C G DWhere their bodies as soon as moved yet don"t move anymore C G C GAnd it"s so sad to see the people agree C G DThat they"d quite see their deals with fill v fliesG A B C D GAll when I"d desire to store white roses in their eyesC G C D C G ------------------------------------------------------------------------Communist Daughter (thanks to patjack)GOneG D C CG D C C GSweet communist The communist daughterD Standing top top the sea-weed waterCSemen stains the hill topsC semen stains the mountain tops GWith cocoa leaves along the borderDSweetness sings indigenous every edge CCars careening native the cloudsCThe bridges burst and also twist about GAnd wanting something warm and also movingDBends in the direction of herself the soothing CProves the she need to still existCShe move herself around her fist GSweet communistThe communist daughter DStanding ~ above the sea-weed waterCSemen stains the hill topsCsemen stains the hill topsG D C CG D C C G De de de de de de de de de deeee--------------------------------------------------------------------------Oh Comely (thanks come americanpig11)E C E CE COh comely D EI will certainly be v you when you shed your breath C D EChasing the only systematic memory you believed you had left CWith part pretty bright and also bubbly destructive scene D EThat was doing her thing on your chest CBut five comely GIt isn"t as pretty together you"d favor to assumption: v In your memory you"re drunk on her awe to me C EIt doesn"t median anything in ~ allE COh comely D EAll of your friends room letting you blow CBristling and also ugly D EBursting v fruits falling out from the feet COf some pretty bright and bubbly friend D EYou might need come say comforting points in your ear CBut oh comely GThere isn"t together one friend the you could find hereStanding alongside meHe"s just my foe C I"ll crush him with every little thing I ownEsay what you want to to speak GHang for you hollow means moving your mouth E C D G D G D G D Eto pull out all your miracles aimed because that meE Your dad made fetuses with flesh licking females CWhile you and also your mommy DWere sleep in the trailer parkE Thunderous sparks indigenous the dark of the stadiums CThe music and medicine you required for comfortingD ESo make all her fat fleshy finger to relocating CAnd pluck all your silly strings DAnd bending all your notes because that meESoft silly music is coherent magical CThe activities were beautiful DAll in your ovariesEAll of castle milking with green fleshy flowers C DWhile powerful pistons to be sugary sweet machinesESmelling that semen every under the garden C DWas every you to be needing once you still thought in meESay what friend wanna say and also hang for your hollow waysG E C D G D G D G D EMoving her mouth come pull the end all her miracle aimed because that meE CDa da da da da da daE CDa da da da da da da daE CDa da da da da da daE I know they buried her body through others C DHer sister and also mother and also 500 households EAnd will she psychic me 50 years later C DI wished I might save she in some type of time machineEKnow every your enemies CWe know who are enemies are EKnow all your enemies CWe understand who are adversaries areAm E Am E Am EAmGoldaline my dear We will certainly fold and also freeze togetherEFar away from below There is sun and also spring and green forever AmBut currently we relocate to feelFor ourselves inside part stranger"s stomachEPlace her body right here Am E Let your skin begin to mix itself through mineAm Ede de de de de de de de de la da da da da da da da daAm E Amda da da da da da da da da la da da da da da da da da da da da------------------------------------------------------------------------Ghost (thanks come indiglopulse)E Ghost, ghost I know you live within meFeel as you flyIn thunderclouds above the cityInto one the IALoved with all that was left in ~ meUntil us tore in twoENow wings and rings and also there"s so countless B A EWaiting here for youEAnd she was born in a party rocket, 1929With wings that ring around a socket ARight between her spineAAll drenched in milk and holy water EPouring indigenous the skyEI understand that she will live for ever before BShe won"t ever dieB EShe goes and also now she to know she"ll never be afraidBTo watch the morning document blow EInto a hole whereby no one have the right to escape A EDee, de de de de...A E A E B A EEAnd one day in brand-new York City babyA girl fell from the skyFrom the height of a burn apartment structure AFourteen stories highAAnd once her spirit left she body EHow it separation the sunEI recognize that she will live for everAll goes on and also on and on andB EShe goes and now she to know she"ll never ever be afraidBTo watch the morning record blow EInto a hole where no one deserve to escape A EDee, de de de de...E A E B E-------------------------------------------------------------------------Untitled-- this one is pretty meaningless when simply playing ~ above guitar, however if playing together with the album ns think these space the precise chords to use-- additionally play them as the guitar sounding part in the background no as the whiny horn like part playing the main part-- if done right it sounds really good! E A (alternate between these because that a while) then alternating E B (this come in once the horn part sounds different, I believe after the 2nd pause) then back to E and A before the prolonged E strumming right at the endI think that"s it-- sounds an excellent to me!------------------------------------------------------------------------Two Headed boy Pt. 2 (thanks to Mchael92) Ab Gb FmDaddy you re welcome hear this song that ns singAb Gb FmIn your heart there"s a spark that simply screams Db Ab EbFor a lover to bring a child to your chest Db Ab Ebthat can lay as you sleep and love every you have left Db Bbmlike her boy supplied to be, long earlier wrapped in sheets Ebwarm and wet Ab Gb FmBlister please with those wing in your spine Ab Gb FmLove to be through a brothers of mine Db Ab Ebhow he loved to uncover your tongue in his teeth Db Ab Ebin a struggle to find, an enig songs the you"d store Db Bbmwrapped in boxes therefore tight, sounding just at night Ebas you sleepAb Bbm Eb DbAnd in my dreams you"re alive and also you"re cryingAb Bbm Eb DbAs your mouth moves in mine, soft and sweetAb Bbm Eb DbRings of flowers round your eyes and also I"ll love youAb Bbm Eb DbFor the remainder of your life(Db, Bbm, Eb)Ab Gb FmBrother see we are one in the sameAb Gb FmAnd friend left through your head filled with flames Db Ab Eband you watched together your brains dropped out through your this Db Ab Ebpush the piece in place, make your laugh sweet to watch Db Bbm Ebdon"t you take it this away, I"m still wanting my confront on your cheekDb Ab Db AbAnd when we break, we"ll wait because that our miracleDb Ab Eb DbGod is a ar where some holy spectacle lies Ab Db AbWhen we break, we"ll wait for our miracleDb Ab Eb AbGod is a place you will wait for the rest of her lifeAb C/BTwo headed boy Ab C/BShe is every you could need Ab C/B Db AbShe will certainly feed girlfriend tomatoes and also radio wire Db EbAnd retire to sheets safe and clean Db AbBut don"t hate her when she gets as much as leave