For data lover there is no bigger moment of the year than Conference. Because that one glorious week, people an international connect about data. Castle learn, share, and celebrate together in methods that make us proud of our DataFam.

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Even despite TC is online for the second year running, the display must walk on. Even if it is it’s in-person or online, a effective TC bring away a significant amount of planning, rehearsals, production, sweat, outfit changes, and also sleepless nights. leader from around the civilization shared through us how they prepare for TC—what castle love and also don’t love therefore much, and what lock looking forward to most. The biggest common denominator? they all miss seeing the ar in person and cannot wait for TC to it is in live and also in-person again.

How soon in the year carry out you start thinking around TC?

Mark Nelson, President and CEO that once do we prevent thinking around TC? Never. :-) it is a small tongue in cheek yet not really. Throughout the year, TC activities are never far from our minds.

Jackie Yeaney, chef Marketing Officer: oh goodness, as soon as one TC end my mind starts plan the next one. How have the right to we be even much more insightful, engaging, and also fun? What perform we desire to keep, and also what need to we rethink? What can be fully different? The intensity really picks up about four months ahead the the event.

Francois Ajenstat, chief Product Officer: In earnest, TC advancement starts around five months the end from the event. We begin thinking around the demos coming out, the things we want to encompass in the keynote and also in Devs on stage that will certainly fire up the community. That a crazy time due to the fact that a the majority of things we’re planning come announce room in the future. We have actually to obtain dev groups to complete code, prototypes, and figure out exactly how to name this thing. The fun, invigorating, frustrating, chaotic, everything at the exact same time.

What perform you love most around TC?

Mark: without a doubt the possibility to affix with customers and also the Community. The the best component of mine job, hand down. And also there’s no far better place because that it 보다 TC to watch the passion of our community up close.

At Conference 2019, leaders go on a morning run v our DataFam, aptly called #RunData.

JY Pook, Sr. VP and GM, Asia Pacific/Japan: The energy—it’s prefer no other conference. You have to see it to believe it. What’s great about the occasion is the possibility to lug our customers, partners, and also community together. For anyone to feed off the hopeful energy and also love for data. Those even far better is the opportunity to attach with teammates. Everyone has actually so much fun together.

What execute you dread or fear the most?

JY: queuing up because that food in ~ the conference! The lines space long and I guess, the food itself. I end up absent Asian food after eat pizzas and also sandwiches for a entirety week.

Jackie: My fear is virtual occasion fatigue. Ns thinking about that 24/7. We’ve to be obsessing around making the an suffer you can’t help but watch and engage with. We are using a compelling “red thread” theme throughout. We won’t have actually long presentations. We will do more interviews and also panel-style sessions vs. Monologues. We room implementing much more ways to connect live during the event. And we have actually interspersed surprise and also delight moments.

CMO Jackie Yeaney takes a selfie through Zen Masters and Ambassadors in ~ TC19.

Francois: I hate the rehearsals—you have actually no idea exactly how much I dislike the rehearsals. It’s tough yet extremely beneficial to make certain we supply a an excellent keynote because that our customers. Us agonize end the content, the words, the design, and also the feeling we want to create. Yet it’s so precious it. After ~ spending months functioning on this, it payment off. This is the one moment of the year you gain to do a big splash. This conference matters.

Dan Pell, Sr. VP and also GM, EMEA: lacking out on the parties. Also in this hybrid world, nobody celebrates choose the DataFam. Return on the to add side, the digital world way I deserve to attend more events without placing on shoes.

What’s her go-to method to prepare because that your major presentation?

Mark: If possible, I choose to memorize a presentation or decided so I can really focus on the audience and also connecting v people. I am much more used come speaking directly to one audience or, that course, ns am comfortable doing video clip calls native home. Working on a set built in ours HQ was definitely a brand-new experience for me!

Jackie: I tend to walk over my script to the suggest of obsession. I require it to it is in locked 48 hrs ahead, so I have the right to spin that in my head over and over. Mentally right before I head ~ above out, I constantly remind myself of my favourite quote by Maya Angelou, “People will certainly forget what friend said, civilization will forget what friend did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” If I concentration on important connecting v the audience, the rest will take care of itself.

Francois: once we perform TC live, i don’t sleep for about a week. Ns dream the speech, and I rehearse it in mine head. It’s actually part of my process, and also I really agonize over it a lot.

Dan: that all around balance because that me. To lug the energy, I need to construct in time for pre-event headspace or meditation. In the digital world, ns think controlling your power is even more important 보다 ever.

How plenty of outfits perform you try on? (be honest)

Mark: I to be a hoodie or fleece vest type of guy, so ns don’t have a substantial wardrobe the suits and jackets. Ns bought my first jacket in practically 30 years because that TC this year. I picked out one option at the keep right prior to filming and also luckily anyone was OK through it. Ns did buy a spare shirt in case of spills!

JY: After virtually 10 years at, i have amassed loads of T-shirts, and it’s constantly been about choosing which T-shirt perform I wear and also would look at best. Yet alas, I always end up through the standard Data Rockstar T-shirt under a blazer. You can’t beat a classic.

Jackie: i am not specifically a fashionista so means ahead of my talk, I figure out my outfit so I deserve to concentrate ~ above what i’m saying vs. Exactly how I look. Let’s just say i panic around this early and also have a couple of trusted friends that provide honest feedback so, when we decide, I can simply forget around it. For TC in human I have actually every outfit (about 3 or 4 a day) fully mapped out and written down. Don’t want to leaving anything come chance.

Francois: ns probably try on about four outfits. I shot getting a brand-new outfit for every TC, top to bottom, rarely do I perform repeats. That’s no to say ns royalty, but I desire to have actually something fresh. That helps develop my confidence as soon as I gain onstage.

Public speaking: Love or loathe it?

Mark: Neither! i am nice comfortable speak to an audience, simply don’t make me clock myself top top video. :-)

JY: I’m not in love v the believed of it, specifically when prepping, however once ns there, speaking to hundreds and also thousands of human being in ours DataFam, i am in the moment and thoroughly enjoy it the experience.

Dan: LOVE. Luckily, I’ve always enjoyed the chance to use my voice to support for what I think in.

Jackie: Honestly, I need to say both. That does ultimately bring me joy. However I also get stunner anxious front of time. I gain super nervous best before and also have to repeat myself I’ve excellent this numerous times.

Francois: I kind of covertly love it. Ns love the energy and connection v the audience. Ns still stress and anxiety over it, like the very first five minutes, choose why go I authorize up because that this? Remember, ns don’t sleep because that a week before a significant event, but I secretly love it.

CPO Francois Ajenstat (center) v our DataFam in ~ TC19.

What execute you love most about our DataFam at TC?

Mark: What the neighborhood has produced has genuinely been part of transforming the shape of contemporary business intelligence. They do a large impact on our customers, top top one another, and also on this company.

JY: without a doubt it’s your passion and also fervent love because that the brand. Their energy and also passion reinforces the mission we’re on, and at the source of this is their toughness in the mindset—showcasing the constant learning trip everyone can be on.

Dan: your insane commitment to what us do. They really room the secret sauce of what provides such a an effective force of adjust for businesses, communities, and individuals.

Jackie: lock genuinely desire to help each various other succeed with data. Nobody holds your insights and skills tight come the chest. Ours DataFam is all-in top top helping people see and also understand data.

What does your dream TC look at like?

Mark: ago in-person, but keeping the ability to include people from everywhere the human being that we can accomplish with virtual. Hosting it what I could go because that a great run before the job starts. And also we’d have actually a killer music guest prefer Beck. (Hey, we obtained two out of 3 this year!)

JY: Being back together physically again! i can’t wait to carry customers come TC and be in the middle of it all. And also I can’t wait come celebrate with our team.

Francois: The old TC. TC is unlike a timeless tech conference—it’s truly a community celebration and a reunion the data lovers and also people who have discovered their tribe. And the next are always legendary.

Dan: This year is pretty close: a celebration of knowledge, learning, life, and also community. Every employee, every partner, and also the whole DataFam comes together.

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Jackie: Wait and see on November 9!

Let"s all data: join our leaders because that the biggest data event of the year, Conference, Nov. 9-12, 2021.