There is a commonly quoted Saint Teresa of Calcutta saying that goes, “If you desire to bring peace to the whole world, walk home and also love her family.

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” the a good quote. Very pithy. Unfortunately, she didn’t actually fairly say it.

At the end of she 1984 Nobel Prize acceptance speech, what she claimed was, “And so, mine prayer because that you is that fact will carry prayer in our homes, and from the foot that prayer will certainly be that we believe that in the poor it is Christ. And also we will really believe, we will begin to love. And we will love naturally, us will shot to carry out something. An initial in our own home, following door neighbor in the country we live, in the whole world.” (Nobel peace Prize transcript)

It’s the same general idea, that course, however where the paraphrased quote is simply vague sufficient to feel favor it allows us off the hook a bit, the actual quote is a real an obstacle . . . The type of an obstacle Jesus offers to his disciples in today’s Gospel.

Jesus an initial sent the Twelve the end to serve and also evangelize the civilization closest to them, and also His instructions in the verses that follow are complete of warnings about how just difficult it’s going come be.

Saint Teresa the Calcutta is telling us the same thing. Go home and also love my family? sound pretty easy.

I can be doing just about anything ns please and also still be love my family. It might LOOK favor I’m hiding in my room city hall Netflix, yet I’m definitely additionally loving my family, right? certain I am.

But that kind of passive love isn’t the challenge Saint Teresa the Calcutta offers us (Jesus neither). Castle are difficult all the us, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, siblings, to an active love, a giving love, a sacrificial love, a love that begins in prayer and ends in business (note to self: work on this part).

And, importantly, when both start us off with loving those closest come us, neither one actually lets us turn off the hook because that loving and also serving the whole people next. And THAT just might require gaining out the my comfort zone.


Let’s pray the action of Love today.

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