1. “I am the astronaut of boxing. music-from-a.com Louis and Jack Dempsey were simply jet pilots. I"m in a world of my own.”

2. “I"m so rapid that critical night i turned off the irradiate switch in mine hotel room and was in bed before the room to be dark.”

3. “I"m the most recognized and loved guy that ever before lived, cuz over there weren"t no satellites once Jesus and also Moses to be around, so people far far in the villages didn"t know about them.”

4. “You know I’m bad. Simply last week, i murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick. Ns so mean, ns make medicine sick.

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5. “There room two things that are difficult to hit and see. That"s a spooky ghost and Muhammad Ali.”

Muhammad Ali on opponents


6. “Frazier is for this reason ugly that when he cries, the tears rotate around and go under the back of his head.”


Kellie Harrington to be welcomed residence to Dublin in open up top bus after ~ Olympic win


7. “I"ll beat the (Floyd Patterson) so negative he"ll require a shoehorn to placed his cap on.”

8. “If you even dream the beating me you"d much better wake up and also apologize.”

9. “I"ve seen George Foreman zero boxing. And also the zero won.”

10. “Sonny Liston is nothing. The guy can"t talk. The guy can"t fight. The guy needs talk lessons. The man needs boxing lessons. And since he"s gonna struggle me, he demands falling lessons.”


What Ali"s enemies said around him

Round increase of the ideal tweets as Irish people all end the civilization celebrate Kellie Harrington"s Olympic win


11. "I hit that so hard that i made the cry. The looked at me and also said, "I"m going to gain you for that." i respected him then, and also I respect him now." - George Foreman

12."Man, i hit him with punches that"d lug down the wall surfaces of a city. Lordy, lordy, he"s a good champion." - music-from-a.com Frazier.

13. "You recognize Ali is a nut. You can tell what a normal man is going come do, yet you can"t tell what a seed is going to do and Ali is a nut." - Liston, 2 years after losing his crown.


14. "I recognize something"s wrong. I really didn"t want to hit you." - Larry Holmes after avoiding Ali.

15. "The day of the Ali fight i bought my wife a powder blue negligee and told her "wear this tonight, "cause you"ll it is in sleepin" v the heavyweight champion the the world". The night, as soon as I got earlier to the room, she said: "Do i go come his room or will certainly he be coming to mine?"" - lining Wepner, who battled Ali in 1975.

Muhammad Ali philosophy

16. “A man who see the civilization the very same at 50 as he did at 20 has actually wasted thirty years of his life.”


17. “A rooster crows only once it look at the light. Placed him in the dark and also he"ll never ever crow. I have actually seen the light and also I"m crowing.”

18. “God will certainly not place a burden on a man"s shoulders discovering that he cannot carry it.”

19. “It isn"t the mountains ahead to climb that wear girlfriend out; it"s the pebble in her shoe.”

20. “If my mind can develop it, and also my love can believe it, then ns can attain it.”

21. “I never thought the losing, yet now the it"s happened, the only thing is to do it right. That"s my obligation to all the human being who think in me. Us all have to take defeats in life.”

22. “Only a man who knows what that is like to be beat can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of strength it takes come win as soon as the match is even.”

23. "Service to rather is the rent you salary for your room below on earth."

24. "The guy who has no imagination has no wings."

25. "To be able to give away wide range is mandatory if you wish to own them. This is the only method that you will certainly be important rich."

What rather said around him:

26. "I"d choose to borrow his body for just 48 hrs - there room three men I"d like to to win up, and also four ladies I"d favor to make love to." - Sportswriter Jim Murray.

27. "That was always the difference in between Muhammad Ali and the remainder of us. The came, the saw, and if that didn"t entirely dominate - he come as close together anybody we are likely to view in the life time of this doomed generation." - Writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

28. "He provided to ask me to litter rocks at him. I believed he was crazy, yet he"d stand back and evade every among them... I can never hit him." - Ali"s brother Rahman.

29. "Because billions that our civilization in Africa, Asia and Arabia love girlfriend blindly, you must be forever mindful of your responsibility to them." Malcolm X. (No pressure, then)

30. "He made boxing exciting and also meaningful again. He to be entertaining and also when he to be younger that was constantly mouthing off. However it was component of his schtick. That made it part theatre, component dance and all power." - bill Clinton.

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Muhammad Ali"s life in 30 numbers

1 - Olympic gold medals (won the light-heavyweight division at the 1960 Games but he threw it in the Ohio flow in disgust in ~ the racism in his home town. He was awarded a replacement in 1996)

1 - Fights in Dublin (he defeated Al ‘Blue’ Lewis in Croke Park in 1972)

1 - position on Ring Magazine’s come 50 heavyweights of all time

1 - movies he showed up in as an actor (1979 TV movie Freedom Road)

1 - Album’s tape-recorded (Spoken word album I am The Greatest to be released in 1964)

3 - Nicknames (The Greatest, The Champ, The Louisville Lip)

3 - position he accomplished in ESPN’s Athlete of the 20th Century poll. Michael Jordan was first, Babe Ruth was second

3 and a fifty percent - years he was banned native boxing (1967-1970) due to his refuse to walk to Vietnam

4 - Marriages

5 - Ring magazine fighter of the year awards

5 - variety of birthday parties he"s having actually this year. The first of those to be last Saturday night, wherein it expense $1,000 to attend

9 - Children

9 - of the height 10 many expensive pieces of boxing memorabilia, ripe belonged to Ali. And the 10th was Frazier"s robe indigenous the Thrilla in Manila.

14 - variety of hostages released after Ali saw Iraq come secure their relax in 1990 (before start of first Gulf War)

28 - years he"s been suffering from Parkinson"s disease

33 - world title fights, consisting of 30 location defences

37 - Knockouts

37 - Appearances on the sheathe of sporting activities Illustrated. Only Michael Jordan has more

39 - age he retired

56 - Wins together a professional

61 - Fights

97 - percentage of Americans end 12 who recognised his confront in a 1993 test

109 - Documentaries and TV collection he has showed up in together himself, follow to IMDb

132 - Amateur fights, of i beg your pardon he lost only five

9,826 - Books about Muhammad Ali, follow to Amazon.com

$173,000 - The auction price of Ali"s shorts from the an initial Frazier hit in Madison Square Garden in 1971

718,917: Likes top top his official Facebook page

1,000,000 - annual earnings today, in us dollars

50,000,000 - The amount he offered 80 per cent that his name and likeness legal rights to entertainment firm CKX in 2006, in us dollars

60,000,000 - approximated career earnings, in united state dollars

Ten of our favourite Muhammad Ali YouTube videos

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Ali"s figure on frank Camera:

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