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lyrics & expertise Search DTForumSort (Forum) by:relevancedateDT Lyrics:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ#All Subject: i Wanna be In The Cavlary-The IdiotFrom: GUEST,BloodrootDate: 29 Jul 10 - 08:12 am Corb Lund has a good song referred to as I Wanna it is in In The Cavalry. It"s tune is so similar to The you are fool by Stan Rogers the he is provided a song writing credit. Stan declared that the melody because that his song was influenced by morris dance tunes the he"d hear at festivals. I have actually a girlfriend who cases that the tune is traditional American - It"s The mounties Life because that Me. Can anyone help me the end here. Ns can"t discover reference to any kind of such tune. Post - top - residence - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: ns Wanna it is in In The Cavlary-The IdiotFrom: Jack CampinDate: 29 Jul 10 - 08:22 am It"s a little bit like "Green mountain Petronella". Short article - peak - home - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: ns Wanna it is in In The Cavlary-The IdiotFrom: GUEST,watcherDate: 30 Jul 10 - 06:15 AM having actually listened come them both top top youtube, the tunes (especially the Stan Rogers) store running with my head but morphing into "Buttercup Joe". Is that the initial heard together a morris run tune? it would absolutely work because that a cotswold double-step dance such as Abingdon or Fieldtown tradition write-up - height - residence - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: Lyr Add: i WANNA it is in IN THE mounties (Corb Lund)From: Jim DixonDate: 17 Mar 15 - 02:55 pm I simply heard this tune for the an initial time and decided us ought to have the lyrics here. The tune is in two parts, occupying cuts 1 and also 14 top top the same album. Cut 15, the last, is "Taps." You can hear several recorded versions at YouTube, but my transcriptions were made native Spotify (although ns am indebted come YouTube user WWEandTakerfan because that clarifying a few things). The an initial part is performed as a brisk military march with a affluent accompaniment including a snare drum. ns WANNA be IN THE cavalry As sung through Corb Lund top top "Horse Soldier! horse Soldier!" (2007) – cut 1. CHORUS: Well, i wanna be in the mounties if they send me turn off to war. I want a good steed under me prefer my forefathers before. I want a good mount as soon as the bugles sound and I hear the cannons roar. Well, ns wanna be in the cavalry if castle send me turn off to war. Well, I want a equine in a volunteer force that"s ridin" soon at dawn. Please save for me part gallantry that will echo when I"m gone. Ns beg the you, sarge: let me command the charge once the battle lines are drawn. Well, let me at least leave good hoofbeat they"ll mental loud and also long. Well, I"d not a great foot soldier make; I"d it is in sour and also slow at march, and also I"d be sick ~ above a marine ship and the sea would certainly leave me parched, yet I"d be an initial in heat if they let me ride; by God, you"ll see my starch, Lope ago o"er the heath with a laurel wreath underneath that vic"try arch. CHORUS let me knife my spur in the battle"s blur wherein the day is shed or won. I"ll wield my lance as the ponies dance and also the blackguards fire your guns. A saber keen and also a saddle carbine and also an military Remington— once the hot lead screams with the cold, cold steel, allow me it is in a cav"lryman. CHORUS, ENDING: ...if I have to go off to war. permit "em play their flutes and also stirrup my boots and also place them ago to front, "Cause i won"t be back on the riderless black as soon as I"m finished in mine hunt. Well, ns wanna be in the cavalry if they send me turn off to war. Well, i wanna it is in in the cavalry however I won"t ride home no more. i WANNA be IN THE mounties - REPRISE together sung through Corb Lund on "Horse Soldier! equine Soldier!" (2007) – reduced 14. Well, ns wanna be in the mounties if they send me off to war. Well, I want a good steed under me choose my forefathers before. Courageous in ~ first, us took your worst; our location we hosted stout. We clung come belief and also we held on the decided from our reliable leaders" mouths. Overwhelming odds and also a hopeless cause, and also our cities overrun, There to be them that said we to be badly led, and God, were we outgunned! Well, I shed count of the worthy mounts that from under me to be cut. Mine fav"rite mare v her head in the air take it the cannon in her gut. In the very first two mainly on the bloody creek, mine brother shed his arm, So just sixty work till all we prayed to be to get us house unharmed. Oh, for the day that us signed our names and also the fine that us were wished! The men"s congrats and the pats on the backs and the ladies that we kissed— The band the played and the grand parade and also the patriotic shouts— they faded fast, didn"t even last it rotates the uniforms wore out. There to be none to change nor to help us challenge the winter cold and bleak, The chilled to the bone, the pneumonia prone, and froze ours bootless feet. Climate the typhoid hit with its fevered fits, TB and disent"ry That verified in the finish to have killed an ext men than the vilest enemy. we were fin"lly required to feeding on horse and also carcass we might scrounge, as soon as the wagons stopped and we"d scorched their crops to hard and barren ground. V morale in doubt and our pride operation out, no respect did i see. Every I seen were a thousand desires piled dead in prior of me. Well, ns wanna it is in in the mounties if castle send me turn off to war. Well, i wanna it is in in the cavalry, yet I won"t ride residence no more.

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Article - peak - residence - press Friendly - TranslateSubject: RE: i Wanna be in the mounties + The IdiotFrom: Jim DixonDate: 17 Mar 15 - 03:11 pm If you"re looking for Stan Rogers" THE IDIOT because that comparison, the lyrics are posted in the forum here and here; and also the chords are here and here. Short article - height - home - printer Friendly - TranslateShare Thread: