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I wanna it is in the an extremely best, like no one ever before was. To record them is my actual test, come train lock is my cause... I will certainly travel throughout the land, searching far and wide, Teach Pokemon to understand, the strength that"s inside. Pokemon...gotta capture "em all!! It"s you and me...

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I understand it"s my destiny"re my ideal friend, in a human being we have to defend. Pokemon...Gotta record "em all!! A heart so true--Our courage will certainly pull united state through! you teach me and also I"ll teach you! Pokemon! Gotta catch "Em All! Gotta record "Em All! POKE-KE-MON!
So girlfriend wanna it is in a master?!(Pokemon!)Do you have actually the an abilities to be number one?!I wanna take the can be fried step,find the vessel to be boldTo risk it all and also not forget,the great that ns holdI wanna go where no ones beenFar past the crowd!Learn the way to take command(use the strength thats in my hand)we all live in a Pokemon world(pokemon)I wanna it is in the greatest master of them all(greatest master)We every live in a Pokemon world(Pokemon!)put my self to the test, come be much better than all the rest!So friend wanna it is in a master?!(Pokemon!)Do you have actually the skills to it is in number one?!we every live in a Pokemon world(Pokemon!)I wanna it is in the greatest master of them all(use the strength that"s in your hand)PO-KE-MON!
It"s a whole brand-new world us live in (live in)!Pokemon Johto!Do perform do carry out do carry out do, carry out do execute do perform do doEverybody wants to it is in a masterEverybody desires to present their skillsEverybody wants to obtain there fasterMake their method to the height of the hillEach time! friend try!Gonna acquire just a small bit fasterEach time! girlfriend climb!One more step, up the ladderIt"s a whole new world us live inIt"s a entirety new means to seeIt"s a whole new place, through a brand brand-new attitudeBut friend still gotta catch"em all!And be the best that you can be!It"s a whole brand-new world we live in (live in)!But you still gotta catch"em allAnd be the best that you can bePokemon Johto!Pokemon Johto!
Pokemon!Pokemon!Pokemon...Let"s do itI wanna it is in the very best prefer no one ever was (ever was, ever was)To record them is my real test to train castle is my cause My whole life has actually led to this Time to take my skills I know I just can"t miss out on Gonna present the people Born to it is in a winner JOHTO! Born to be a champion Born to be a winner Born to it is in the really best PokemonJOHTO! Born to it is in a winner! Pokemon!
Pokemon!No time to question my moveI stick come the route that ns chooseMe and my friends space gonna execute it rightYou"ll never ever see united state run away from a fightTo it is in a grasp is mine dreamAll I obtained to perform is believe (I believe)I gained a chance to winI"m on my method to success (Pokemon!)I can be a champion if I simply believeI"m ~ above a master questI desire the whole civilization to watch (that ns believe)I"m gonna be the an extremely best"Cause all I have to do is think in mePokemon!
A kid from Pallet Town with a brand new world come seeI don"t recognize what"s increase ahead yet I understand it won"t get the finest of meThere"s so lot to learn and also battles to be wonI"ve advanced so far and also still there"s always much more to comeTake a step ahead and I"m on my wayGonna start almost everywhere againI wanna be a heroPokemon AdvancedI wanna it is in a heroGive that one much more chanceAnd the future will decide if there"s a hero buried deep insideI wanna be a heroPokemon!
Pokemon!Every trainer has actually a choiceTo hear to the voice insideI know the fight may it is in longWinners may have come and also goneI will lug onYeah, this dream will last foreverThis dream will never ever dieWe will increase to meet the difficulty every timeYeah, this dream keeps united state togetherI know that you and IWill it is in the ideal that the world"s ever seenBecause we constantly will monitor this dreamPokemon!