There space so numerous fun arguments that Quentin Tarantino fans deserve to have (and perform have) concerning mysteries that occur in his classic films. What’s glow in the Pulp Fiction briefcase? did Brad Pitt’s personality in Once upon a Time in Hollywood really kill his wife? Here’s a brand-new one that us hadn’t heard before this year, though. To be Marvin shooting in the face on accident… or ~ above purpose?

That concept was floated by Pulp Fiction star Samuel L. Jackson come ReelBlend co-host Kevin McCarthy earlier during the push tour for Spider-Man: far From Home. He argued that man Travolta’s character, Vincent, shot Marvin on purpose, to obtain him ago for no alerting Vincent and also Jules that someone v a gun to be hiding in the apartment. Tarantino loves Jackson’s interpretation, but when he showed up on our very own ReelBlend podcast, that clarified:

Well, look, in my movies, if I want you come know, ns tell you. And also if i leave it open, I"m leave it open up for you. Therefore I could tell you what ns think. However if ns tell girlfriend what ns think, then the is the method it is. And also I"ve got no trouble with Sam"s variation of it. And also I have no problem with anybody rather who has that version of it. But I don"t desire to tell you what to think. I in reality liked, I favor the truth that both… i love any type of scenario wherein both ways practically equally work.

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Don’t mental the step in question? the plays out favor this:

What’s funny is, the method that ns remembered it, Jules did go over a bump. Now, however, having watched the again, I’m leaning to Sam Jackson’s interpretation that Travolta’s personality pulled that gun create on purpose, and shot Marvin intentionally.

Either way, that remains one of the many unexpected, shocking moment in a Quentin Tarantino screenplay, a bang the disrupts a riveting conversation and reminds us that we room in the grip of a excellent storyteller who’s never afraid to pull the rug out from under his audience.

Tarantino told united state his take on the Marvin scene as component of one epic, two-hour ReelBlend podcast episode. Desire to hear the whole thing? We have it because that you appropriate now.

As for Tarantino, he stays in the Oscar conversation this year together his Once ~ above a Time… in Hollywood strikes chords with critics and audiences around the globe. If friend haven’t yet seen it, go.

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