I might not do without Thee

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Passion Chorale

Trumpet Solos for Worship, Vol. 2 (Arran…

1 I can not do without thee,O Saviour the the lost,Whose precious blood redeemed meAt such significant cost;Thy righteousness, your pardon,Thy priceless blood have to beMy only hope and comfort,My glory and also my plea.

2 I might not execute without thee,I cannot stand alone,I have no stamin or goodness,No wisdom of my own;But thou, lover Saviour,Art all in every to me,And weakness will be power,If leaning difficult on thee.

3 I might not do without thee;No other friend have the right to readThe spirit’s strange deep longings,Interpreting that need;No human being heart might enterEach dim recess that mine,And soothe and hush and also calm it,O blessèd Lord, but thine.

4 I can not execute without thee,For years room fleeting fast,And shortly in solemn lonenessThe river have to be passed;But you wilt never ever leave meAnd, despite the waves role high,I know thou wilt be near meAnd whisper: it is I.Source: The Song book of the Salvation military #325

Author: Frances Ridley Havergal

Havergal, Frances Ridley, daughter of the Rev. W. H. Havergal, to be born at Astley, Worcestershire, Dec. 14, 1836. 5 years later her father eliminated to the Rectory the St. Nicholas, Worcester. In August, 1850, she gotten in Mrs. Teed"s school, whose influence over her was most beneficial. In the adhering to year she says, "I committed my spirit to the Saviour, and earth and also heaven appeared brighter from that moment." A quick sojourn in Germany followed, and also on she return she was confirmed in Worcester Cathedral, July 17, 1853. In 1860 she left Worcester on she father resigning the Rectory the St. Nicholas, and resided at various periods in Leamington, and at Caswall Bay, Swansea, broken by access time to Switzerland, Scotland, and also North Wales. She died…Go to human being page >
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