Mission: Impossible: 10 finest Quotes from Each main Character Tom Cruise"s Mission: Impossible series has significant action set pieces. But what price quotes from the main characters have been equally entertaining?

Split picture of Ethan Hunt and Ethan through Jane in Mission Impossible
The Mission: Impossible series deserves credit transaction for lasting 25 years and counting. Tom Cruise’s signature franchise is set to attribute a seventh and eighth movie in 2022 and also 2023, i m sorry attests to the star power of the actor and also IMF certified dealer Ethan Hunt’s popularity. Ethan and also the supporting actors all have an edge come their personalities that pan have linked with.

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The best means to analyze their characterizations is by looking in ~ their best quotes. This words let fans know what the protagonists and antagonists space all about and exactly how they function. It’s interesting to view where the finest quips or statements have actually been made across the series.

Ilsa and also Ethan had actually a connection from the minute they met and she found someone who could understand the instance she to be in with him. She proposed they let go of every the battles in the world and also get shed in the people during Rogue Nation, which was a rare instance of Ilsa reflecting her vulnerability.

She’s basically been Ethan’s equal in characterization, but since viewers hadn’t complied with her story choose his, Ilsa’s quote go a an excellent job to communicate that she no a killer or a traitor together she showed up to be. The collection has due to the fact that focused on widening upon what she asserted in this quote.

9 william Brandt

"I have the right to Neither confirm Nor refuse Details Of any kind of Operation without The Secretary"s Approval."

Mission impossible Ghost Protocol - Jeremy Renner as William Brandt
william Brandt seemed prefer an outsider once he very first appeared, having been a newcomer amongst older characters. However, this quote confirmed his loyalty to Ethan and also the rest, i m sorry was as soon as he refuse to divulge the tricks of the IMF during the senate committee hearing.

Brandt knew the there was no secretary for the IMF in ~ the time, an interpretation he was never going come tell anyone anything. It to be at a time when it to be clear the CIA would absorb the IMF, yet Brandt continued to be tight-lipped about his friend to protect them. That then ongoing to repeat these words throughout the inquiry.

Nyah Mission Impossible
Ethan’s attraction to Nyah stemmed from her dangerous persona, v the two coming throughout each other as soon as Nyah was about to pull turn off a thieving project. They finished up in a auto crash that virtually had castle tumble over the cliff, and also they gave in to your attraction after ~ surviving.

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Nyah said this then, as Ethan asked if they have to wait for a decent interval prior to getting also close. It showed that she didn’t play by the rules and that she truly did involved see Ethan in a romantic sense. True come form, she make the very first move to establish their connection on she terms.

7 Alan Hunley

"We need Reliable Intelligence, and also We need It Now, and also This scenario Is precisely Why The IMF Exists."

Alec Baldwin in Mission Impossible
Hunley to be an problem in the method for Ethan and also his allies in the fifth movie, however disparaging the is an unpopular opinion among Mission: Impossible fans after the sixth film. Hunley came to be the IMF Secretary by this allude and had absolute belief in Ethan transparent the story.

He do this case when he challenged his CIA superior Erika Sloane’s mistrust in the IMF, which walk a long means to confirm Hunley’s personality development. It was altogether heartwarming come hear him take Ethan and also the IMF’s side until the finish when he had actually originally want them come shut down.

Jane had actually a vendetta against Sabine Moreau after the latter eliminated her lover, IMF agent Trevor Hanaway. She reluctantly held back against following this violent inclination when Sabine was the team’s only lead versus the movie’s villain, but she uttered a memorable line to carry out so.

When Benji asked her why she wanted him to clock the captured Sabine, mrs quipped the her restraint had actually its limits. It to be pretty much what viewers would have been reasoning as well, therefore Jane’s quote eventually acknowledged the audience’s sentiments towards the scene.

5 Solomon Lane

"Human Nature. My Weapon that Choice."

Solomon lane was the most recurring antagonist in the series and the main resource of conflict for the fifth and sixth movies. In Rogue Nation, he recorded Benji and forced him to relay his article to Ethan or he would certainly blow up the bomb strapped come Benji.

Lane’s opened words to Ethan to be to case that exploiting human being nature to be his key weapon because of the truth that Ethan would never harm Benji. It to be a cracked but proper line from roadway that proved he had actually no qualms v collateral damages to have actually his way.

4 Julia Meade-Hunt

Everything That taken place Taught Me that I Am. It proved Me What I"m capable Of, and I"m A Survivor."

The lack of Julia native the 5th movie was considered a plot hole in Mission: impossible by fans until she reappeared in Fallout. It to be revealed that she and also Ethan had divorced however she walk on to assist people approximately the world using her an abilities as a doctor.

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Her native were for Ethan’s benefit, however, together Julia wanted to reassure him the she was living her best life because of his influence. Julia absolved Ethan of emotion responsible because that her once she made it clear the she appreciated your relationship and that she to be going into dangerous cases out that her very own choice.

3 Benji Dunn

"Join The IMF. See The human being On A Monitor, In A Closet."

Benji isn’t usually seen in the over-the-top Mission: Impossible activity sequences because of his status as a technological expert. Still, he is an actual ar agent and also is very well qualified of law fieldwork prefer Ethan and also the rest connect themselves in.

Benji made this funny quip to himself once he worked in mystery for Ethan during Rogue Nation, jokingly lamenting the reality that he only obtained to check out the world on a computer system monitor. It nevertheless did a great job in showing Benji’s character together a comical but very capable IMF agent.

Luther is the most skilled hacker the IMF has actually had, capable of pulling off technical marvels that have actually aided Ethan. Face tracking has actually been a significant area he’s shined in, through this quote coming about in Rogue country when Luther speak to wilhelm Brandt.

Brandt was worried if Luther might come up with facial recognition based upon a simple sketch, come which Luther claimed he to be so an excellent he didn’t also need to leaving his home. Considering Luther has efficiently helped Ethan throughout the entire series, yes no arguing versus him.

1 Ethan Hunt

"It Wasn"t Your task To protect Her - It"s Mine."

while there have actually no doubt been countless cool Ethan Hunt price quotes in the Mission: impossible series, his finest one may simply be an emotional one. He stated these words come Brandt in ~ the end of Ghost Protocol as soon as he revealed that Julia to be alive and also that Brandt could let walk of his guilt at believing she died on his watch.

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Ethan came to be absolutely serious and also sentimental as soon as he claimed it was his job to save Julia safe, i beg your pardon is something the did every the means from the 3rd movie come the sixth. It synthetic up Ethan’s personality to be a protector, and also that fans themselves might be assured that Ethan would always save the day.

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