Shower handles nearly always have actually screws, and if you can"t seem to uncover yours, then they are likely hidden. Over there are number of ways roughly this, such as twisting off the base or identify the surprise screws. Follow along as we discover what you deserve to do if her shower take care of doesn"t appear to have screws.


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What layout Is her Shower Handle?

There space three usual styles of shower handles: knob, lever, or cross. Here’s a fast look at these different styles:

Knob Handles

Knob handles room reminiscent that what you may uncover on a door. These handles room usually one shaped and also are be crazy in a circular movement to rotate the shower on and also off. Knob handles space also accessible in jewel, globe, oval, and even square shapes.

A chop grip is typically not forced to rotate a knob. Back you could need a chop grip in a shower situation since you room opening and shutting a water valve.

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Lever handles  

Lever handle are precisely how castle sound and also are bar-shaped handles on a pivot. Typically, just similar to knob handles, you’ll have an option for on/off and also an alternative for hot/cold. 

Just prefer knob handles, you’ll be able to find lever handles in a range of designs. Lock come in many finishes, colors, and also textures to fit all formats of bathroom decor.

Cross Handles

Cross handles gain their name from your cross-like, or X, shape. They room very comparable to knobs in the means they function. However, rather of having actually a globe or circular shape, you have an X.

These varieties of knobs can be advantageous for who who has arthritis or fine motor skills. The form of the cross manage is often less complicated to grasp. They likewise have a an ext vintage feel, therefore they are a good style if you’re trying to find a retro look.

What if You have Multiple shower Handles?

In addition to these styles, friend can also select in between double-handled or single-handled. Double-handled simply means one knob operates the cold water, while an additional operates the hot water. 

With a single shower handle, one unit controls both the hot and also cold water, depending upon how you revolve it.

Most shower head handles have actually hidden screws that connect them come the faucet. However, there room a few models that deserve to simply twist turn off a base. 

How To remove a Shower manage That has NO Screws

There’s a chance your shower manage simply twists turn off of that base. If your manage came with an surroundings manual, you could find this info in it. In various other cases, you might find a different type of bolt.

To remove a shower handle with no screws, you have to follow the procedures we’ve listed below. Most of these procedures are free and require little-to-no tools. A washcloth and an Allen wrench or Allen vital (hex key) are great to have around, simply in case.

As with any repair, if you feel like you’re in over her head, you may uncover it better to speak to a professional. There will constantly be some form of company call fee and also the actual expense of the repair, i m sorry can get quite costly.

Before calling a pro, make sure that your handle isn’t a twist-off. Plus, ensure the there no something one-of-a-kind you have to do first, choose finding a lock or pushing a button.

How To remove a Shower take care of with No visible Screws

A shower handle may appear to it is in screw-less but then finish up having some screws. These screws merely were not visible beforehand, which obviously will add a action or two to her process.

If you discover after adhering to the over steps the you cannot remove your shower handle, look at closer. ~ above inspection, you will do it likely uncover your shower head handle has a screw, and also you just missed it. If this is the case, follow the actions below, starting at #5.

Tools You may Need:

Possibly one Allen wrench, Possibly a washclothPossibly some sort of corrosion or rust cleaner, such together CLR

Step 1: recognize Whether that a Lever

If her shower handle is a lever, it may require one Allen key/wrench to remove it safely. If the is a knob or cross, friend can proceed to step 2.

Step 2: inspect for a name Brand

If there is a name brand on her shower manage knob or lever, you deserve to likely discover a guide. There space generally cost-free guides posted by the manufacturer online, letting you recognize the step-by-step process for the handle.

Step 3: offer It a Tug

If you don’t view a hole because that an Allen vital or understand the surname brand of your knob, try a tug. You must remove the manage by pulling or tugging top top it till it detaches from the tub or shower head surround.

Step 4: try It through a Twist

Many knobs require that you twist or spin them prior to removing them. This is likely the means opposite the means you turn it on. 

It may also be at a different allude from i beg your pardon you turn the knob to rotate your water on (higher or lower up). Shot using her washcloth if girlfriend cannot gain a great grip.

Step 5: look for hidden Screws

Your shower take care of may have regular screws, in which case you would require a typical flathead or Phillips screwdriver. The screw could additionally be a surprise hex screw situated near the basic of the handle. If her screw is a hex screw, you deserve to remove it making use of an Allen wrench rather of a screwdriver.

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Step 6: contact a Professional

But, if friend feel prefer you’re around to break something, it can be time to stop and call in skilled help. Girlfriend may also have a continual or hex screw that’s corroded and also stripped. 

In this case, there space a range of YouTube videos you can watch for hacking on this subject. Or you deserve to stick come the original plan and also call a professional. Regardless, us are here to aid with every one of your upgraded residence needs.