Hi, everyone, and also welcome come Delphi’s How-To video Series. I’m Dave Hobbs, senior trainer here at Delphi Product & organization Solutions. In this video, we’re walking to display you just how to disconnect fuel line fittings. We always put security first, for this reason make certain that you room thorough and also you’re careful. Don’t get in a hurry. Don’t forget to wear safety glasses and also gloves. Have a fire extinguisher on hand, and work in a well-ventilated area far from something that can have a flame or a spark.Anytime friend disconnect a fuel line that is a compression or press quick-release form fitting, you want to make sure that friend depressurize the fuel system. So ns pulled the fuse on this specific vehicle, ran the engine until it ran the end of gas. Currently we’re walk to have just the drippage, the drainage, which I’ve got a infection jack through a drain pan on top to record anything that’s going come hit the floor, so the doesn’t hit the floor and also make a mess. And also I’ve acquired some rags tied about my wrist so ns don’t have any type of gasoline go down my sleeves ideal up to mine armpit.Now, what I desire to do is, and also I’ve currently done this … I’m going come spray part penetrant along this area right below to acquire into that small fitting. Occasionally they can acquire a small bit dry and a little bit hard to turn. Now what’s walk to defend that fitting and kind of store it on as a an additional safety is this little clip appropriate here. Therefore let’s take it a screwdriver and also pop the clip off.Let’s go ahead and also put our magic, quick release device in. That’s walking to go inside, and there’s a whole choice of this I have in my tool box that space going to boring the little latching tabs that are on the fuel line, for this reason that’s going to go ideal in there. And also as I type of wiggle it, and also you’ll feeling it snap at some point, and also that’s going to be her cue the you have depressed it. I may have to get roughly to the other side now and push through one hand and also twist v the other. There us go, and I got it.So that’s popped out, and also you would carry out your work. Let’s to speak you’re under the hood. You have actually the very same kind of installation under the hood at the rail. This is a returnless system, so I have actually one line v that very same kind of fitting under the hood, same form of tool, and also you’d catch your gasoline. Then you’d execute your work, replace your rail, your injectors ago here. If you’re going to replace the fuel pump, girlfriend will examine the O ring inside. So visually inspect. Let me get my bag flashlight. A little more gas together we visually inspect. Here we go. Draining the entirety fuel line, more than likely right up to the fuel inline fuel filter over right here on the best side the the frame rail.I watch in there, and I view a good-looking O ring. It’s in place, and so currently we perform my work. Let’s to speak I readjusted out the pump, then you would just reverse the process. Pop that ago in nice and gently so girlfriend don’t tear the O ring till you hear it click, and it won’t want to come back out if you have snapped that in properly. There us go. You heard that large click. That’s the avoiding point, and also then you put your an additional retainer clip on the way you found it. Would be this way, and also the little end go on the fuel heat itself. There us go. Dual check it. Currently pressurize the vehicle earlier up, so put the fuse ago in the fuse panel for fuel pump, revolve the key on, let that prime, probably start the engine, check it the end from underneath right here with a shining flashlight. No leaks … You’re good to go.Thanks for watching, and be certain to check out much more of Delphi’s How-To Video series so that you deserve to have much more tips on conserving money and also saving time in her shop every day.

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Are friend leaving money top top the table when you offer fuel system parts? If you’re not acquainted with the miscellaneous configurations of fuel system and fuel pump components, most likely so.

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