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Connecting your controller - For assist installing an exterior keyboard/pad controller see the MIDI setups Wizard or MIDI setups page.Filtering MIDI data - The carry Panel Record button has a recording filter (Right-Click) which can be selected to document Audio, note or Automation data. Make certain the Noteoption is selected. You might want to turn off the note recording if, for example, you desire to play along with a task while you room recording automation data there is no retaining the notes.Timing issues - The Audio setups Playback tracking: Offset manage can be provided to correct note-start timing errors led to by system issues/latencies. Make certain inputquantizing led to by the global Snap is no the problem prior to fiddling v this control.NOTE: If you don"t have a MIDI key-board controller friend can additionally use your typing keyboard as a MIDI keep in mind keyboard. Simply choose the "Typing key-board to piano keyboard" option. Climate follow the procedures below:

Recording keep in mind data

While this might look like a lot of facility steps, the covers every the note recording options. When set, the following time you want to record notes it need to be a situation of actions 1, 6 and 8. Three computer mouse clicks.Select the Pattern - The keep in mind data will certainly be recorded into the selected Pattern. You deserve to only record into one pattern at a time. NOTE: friend havethe adhering to two alternatives as to exactly how to record your MIDI data:In Pattern setting - MIDI data will be recorded right into the at this time selected pattern and appear in the selected channels Piano role preview window. Double-clickthe preview to display the Piano roll.In Song mode - The pattern Clip will certainly be immediately placed at the suggest where Playback began from after recording is stopped. If you have a specificPlaylist track the you desire the Clip to show up on, location an empty Pattern Clip for the pattern being videotaped in the Playlist in ~ the allude where you setup to begin recording. The pattern Clip will immediately expand to fit any kind of data recorded, therefore don"t worry around its length.Input quantizing - intake quantizing aligns note to a an accurate timing, on to win or specific fractions the beats. Activate indigenous Global Snap selector on the Snap Panel. Come enable intake quantizing set to - "Step", "Beat" or "Bar". Come disable input quantizing set to - "Line", "Cell" or "(none)".You can further customize how notes are quantized with the Record-button Right-Click menu:Note begin time - keep in mind start time is quantized once one the the an international Snap setups that quantizes entry is used.Note finish time - Note end time is quantized when one of the global Snap settings that quantizes intake is used.Leave keep in mind duration - Leaves keep in mind duration as played. Reasonable dictates this alternative is not compatible through all other quantize combinations.
Quantize begin time only.Quantize end time only.Quantize start and also end time.Quantize start time yet maintain the initial duration by moving the keep in mind forward.Record to action sequencer - MIDI notes will be intake quantized come steps and also appear as actions (zero-length notes).Automations - Automation quantization.Turn on the keep in mind recording filter - Right-Click the document button and also make certain "Note" is selected together a recording type (all data types with a tick will certainly be recorded).Piano role or Stepsequencer? - commonly you will want to record right into a Piano roll. The Toolbar choice "Step Editing" have to be off.Recording countdown - If you want a "count in" select the Recording Countdown alternative on the Toobar faster way icons.Arm for recording - choose the Record button in the transport panel. It will rotate red to present it is all set to record.Select an instrument Channel - click the Channel button of the instrument you want to record notes for. The selected tool Channel will additionally receive the note data and also the instrument will respond come the controller keyboard.Press the Play switch - FL Studio will certainly play the project and record any type of note occasions received from her controller keyboard. When recording it"s generally a great idea to rotate on the recording Countdownfeature so the you have actually at the very least one bar lead-in metronome.

Where is my keep in mind data stored?

Generally note/score data is conserved to a Piano roll. You might need to click on the channel and open the Piano role to watch your data. That is also possible to document the melody intothe step Sequencer (see the Toolbar page, "Step Editing" option) connected with the instrument channel.NOTE: If you are in Song mode recorded fads will automatically show up in the Playlist clip-tracks after pushing stop.

Score Logger

Always on: Never shed the perfect power again. A 3 minute buffer records all note activity from outside controllers and also Typing key-board to Piano. This can be dumped to the Piano roll at any kind of time through the Dumpscore log to selected pattern command top top the devices Menu. Perfect for retrieving those motivated improvised performances indigenous the fourth dimension.


For recording computer mouse or outside controller movements, check out the section on Automation Recording.

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Cancelling a record session

You have the right to cancel a record session (so the does not use the taped notes and automation events) in two ways. The first one is to pick Cancel current Recording command fromHelp menu, however note the you should do this when recording, prior to pressing the Stop button. If you push it, you have the right to still cancel the whole recording conference by choosingUndo native the modify Menu. If you had actually recorded mixer tracks throughout the critical session, you will be triggered if friend agree the the papers are erased (i.e. Undone). It is in careful,because as soon as you undo audio recording, the papers can no be revitalized and friend will need to record lock again if needed.