If you"re new to ear stretching, it’s basic to get overwhelmed by the alternatives you have actually for plugs! and also when it comes to solitary flare plugs and twin flare plugs, that a inquiry we gain asked every the time.

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So, we’ll explain exactly what they are, what lock for, and which is a far better choice depending upon your stretching journey. (We’re also going to discuss flat flare plugs which you will additionally occasionally find mentioned.)


Let’s start with the basics ~ above Plugs:

Plugs space a type of cylindrical jewelry worn in stretched earlobes. It keeps them in shape, stop them native shrinking come their initial size, and also is a great type of self-expression. If you’re considering stretching your ears, you must get acquainted with different varieties of plugs you can wear once you with the desired size (or room healing between stretches).




What do we typical when we’re talking about flares in the first place?

A flare is the term used for the external edge the the plug (or tunnel). The flare is an edge on one or both sides of the plug cylinder, and it is larger in gauge dimension than the actual plug. They aid keep the plug certain in place. 

Depending on even if it is one or both sides space flared, you have single or double flare plugs to choose from.Here’s exactly how to pick the best one for you:



Single Flare Plugs

A single flare plug only has actually one next flared. The flared side is meant to be worn ~ above the outer side that your stretched earlobe. It boosts the plug dimension visually, do the gauge you room wearing look at bigger than it actually is. The other end has no flare, make it simple to insert the plug.

Here you deserve to see a single flared plug - on the left there is an O-ring* i m sorry is supplied to save the plugin place and also is added after the plug is in your ear.




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How to put in single flare plugs

You will be putting your single flare plug from the prior side, therefore the flared component remains on the front. After friend oil your earlobes to do them more flexible, friend can quickly slide in the single flare plug every the means to the flared end and stop as soon as it stays in place. The flared lip will keep it neatly in place and then come secure that from the back, friend will need to put an O-ring* ~ above the non-flared side (at the back). *An O-ring is a little rubber or silicone ring the ensures the plug remains in place. Most plugs will have actually a tiny groove ~ above the non-flared finish that shows where the O-ring must be, and that helps save it secure.*



Who is a solitary flare plug best for?

This type of plug is her go-to option once you are just starting out on your stretching journey since they’re much less complicated to manage with your brand-new stretch. Single flare plugs are also good for heal earlobes, and also you can additionally get choices that don’t need an 0-ring which deserve to reduce the likelihood of epidemic (one much less thing to catch bacteria in.) view all solitary flare plugs & tunnels.



Double Flare Plugs

Double flare plugs, top top the various other hand, have actually the flared edges on both sides together the surname suggests. This makes them more secure for wearing, as it’s not straightforward for lock to simply slip out.

But this likewise requires the piercing hole to be big enough for the flared part to right through once you’re placing them on, meaning they are ideal suited for totally healed earlobes that have actually recovered indigenous the many recent stretch.



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How to put in dual flare plugs

Try the button method and see exactly how your new double flare plug feels. The button method is exactly what it sounds like. You placed your dual flare plugin the same means you would button up a shirt – in ~ an angle because that an much easier fit. If the plug feeling a bit too chop or you begin to feeling pain, it’s better to protect against or eliminate it. Either offer your ears much more time to recuperate and shot again, or walk for a smaller gauge for the time being and also work up to it. Otherwise you could risk damaging the heal process, tearing, or injuring your lobes in general. As your earlobes recuperate from your latest stretch, the skin will loosen up and become much more stretchy. You deserve to speed points along and promote proper healing with constant use of jojoba oil on your earlobes which should make twin flared plugs much easier to insert.



Who is a dual flare plug ideal for?

Double flared plugs are best for completely healed or recovered earlobes that are flexible enough to large a little when you’re putting them on. So we don’t introduce them because that very little stretches, heal stretches, or those who space just beginning on their journey.



Bonus: Threaded Tunnels / Screwbacks

There is an alternative if you desire to have the watch of dual flared plugs yet don’t want to stretch your earlobes once putting castle on i m sorry is for dual flared threaded plugs, wherein one side of the plug – the flare – is unscrewed once putting them on and then screwed chop to keep the tunnel in place.



Threaded plugs only come in a minimal number of materials due to the fact that of the logistics of creating specific thread, however are a an excellent option for easing into twin flared plugs and getting the look even if your ear aren’t ready yet.



Flat Flare plugs

Now, we likewise promised to comment on flat flare plugs, i beg your pardon can likewise be called no/zero flare plugs. They are a great option if you’re worried the flares might stretch your ears too much because they have actually no ridges or flares in ~ all.

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How to put in flat flare plugs

Flat flare plugs space the easiest to placed in due to the fact that you just have to slide castle in. They are a bit longer than the earlobe so the you have the right to secure them. Without a flared sheet to store them secure, friend will keep them in place with two O-rings. However, having actually an O-ring on the front and also the earlier will adjust the method the plug looks which is why castle aren’t together common.



Who are flat flare plugs finest for?

Flat flare plugs are best for world who have actually a fresh stretch and need your earlobes come recover due to the fact that there is no added stretching associated when friend are placing them in. Ultimately, no issue which form of plugs you pick to wear, be it solitary flare, dual flare, flat, or even threaded, remember to take good care of both your plugs and your stretched earlobes. Save them clean, moisturise well, and never force a plug the you’re not fairly ready for.