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type PE for polyline edit then M to select multiple lines, as soon as you have actually selected all the present press enter then girlfriend will get a collection of options in the commandline, push J for the join command.

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You can additionally use region, which renders the close up door area a flat confront so if you shade it the area will come to be solid. Girlfriend can also use boundary and pick the middle of her (hopefully) closed line area. Pedit functions too however I prefer region because I know when shaded what closed lines room solids and which space linework.

Thanks guys


Got the now


It is just that i am strugling come remember those key tools


3 year pass since i supplied Autocad last time.

Pure garbage, i have autocad 2011 and also with this tool impossible to join lines, complete waste the time...

jorge: Sounds choose you don"t know how to use the command or her geometry is messed up avoiding it from working. Post the drawing. Someone right here will take a look at it.

Welcome to the forum.

Autocad 2011 is pretty great software, it hardly appears fair come blame the software for what will almost certainly turn out to be UIE (user induced error).

ReMark is right, no shortage the folks willing to aid here top top the forum.

Try making use of the FLATTEN command prior to trying to join them, possibly that will certainly help.

If you to be having challenge with sign up with in the PEDIT command, make certain that once you watch the FUZZ street prompt girlfriend hit ENTER, so that the command will complete.

If you ignore that and ESCAPE, they will not be joined.

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JD Mather 12

Posted might 6, 2012

JD Mather

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Posted might 6, 2012
Pure garbage, i have actually autocad 2011 and also with this tool impossible to join lines, total waste of time...


Of course all of this authorized of lines come extrude is unnecessary since r2007.

You are ideal - the is a garbage of time due to the fact that it isn"t needed.

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Dadgad 91

Posted may 6, 2012


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Posted might 6, 2012

jorge appears to have been necromantically moved for sure, despite he doesn"t especially state that he yearns to walk "full-figure".

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AntAle 10

Posted February 27, 2015


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Posted February 27, 2015

Whenever i attempt to extract edge from a 3D solid ns can"t it seems ~ to acquire those entities to sign up with together to form a polyline. The CNC tooling we use calls for polyline

entities because that the translational software to read.

Does anyone have actually a sure-fire method to do this top top a constant basis?

JD Mather said due to the fact that r2007 it to be not vital to sign up with lines to extrude and I to be curious if someone can elaborate o the point.

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ReMark 143

Posted February 27, 2015


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Posted February 27, 2015

With the development of the PressPull command it was no longer necessary to join lines via the PEDIT command to produce a single constant polyline. PressPull will occupational on profiles developed with a combination of lines, arcs, polylines and even splines.


As far as your extract edges problem it would certainly be useful if her next write-up had attached to it a copy the the drawing document (DWG). Pictures won"t do. We don"t need everything in the drawing just the 3D model you space working with.

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