During your travels across the West Virginian wilderness in autumn 76, did girlfriend ever find yourself pining for accessibility to a atom silo? Yeah, you’re not alone; us did too. Luckily for the both the us, over there is a faction in fallout 76 that offers resources come do just this. Well-known as the The Enclave, the faction’s mission is come ensure united state government regulate is maintained. They perform this by setup up places of control throughout the joined States. Among those location is–you guessed it–in the heart of Appalachia. We"ll describe how come go around joining the Enclave in autumn 76.

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To sign up with the Enclave in autumn 76 and accessibility their secret bunker, you need to start somewhere. Girlfriend should start to the east of The Mire. Look for the exit Waste Dump. Beware, though, due to the fact that you will discover two high-level Deathclaws. Once you loss them (hopefully you are playing co-op with some friends), proceed to the ago of the cavern where girlfriend will uncover a control-locked elevator. This means you can’t use it. Rather of wasting your time fiddling with the controls, look for a adjacent alcove to find the corpse of one Enclave agent. As soon as you examine the corpse and also take his holotape, the Bunker Buster quest will begin.


Look because that the nearby Deathclaw nest and also pick increase the defense Bypass holotape. Beat the holotape while standing in prior of the accessibility panel inside the elevator to hear to the indict on exactly how to enter the bunker. Listening come the ice from inside will allow the elevator to start working.

After acquisition the elevator to with the inside of the bunker, the next step is to uncover a method to bypass the bunker’s laser grid. Monitor the agents about until you uncover a keep in mind that offers you an ext instructions. The keep in mind will let you know just how to bypass the laser grid. In the security room over the laser net hall, you will find a workdesk with a keep in mind inside v even more instructions. This brand-new note, title the defense System hands-on Reset, will instruct you even further on just how to bypass the laser grid.


The goal is come hack right into the security terminal in the room. If you have actually the right skills, you have the right to hack the terminal directly. If not, her other option is to follow the accuse on the keep in mind from the desk. Here is what the accuse say come do:

Throw circuit breakers, wash roomOpen waiting flue, over generatorActivate circuit conduit, maximum floor in vents

Once you have complied with the accuse above, friend will have the ability to get v the laser grid and gain access to the inner bunker, wherein you will uncover the human body of a dead senator. Nearby you will likewise see a keypad on the wall. Look approximately the room because that dated documents. These dates act as feasible solutions come the keypad code.

The code might not be the same for everyone, so store typing everything number order you find on the records into the keypad until one of them functions as a solution. This will disclose a mystery chamber covert behind one of the paints on the wall. Within you will uncover an accessibility Card to the Whitespring Bunker.

Make your way to the Whitespring Resort and look for the entrance to the bunker. Usage your brand-new keycard to get easy entry come the bunker, bypassing the laser grid this time. Inside the bunker friend will meet MODUS, her bunker host. Humor your organize by listening to his ramblings. He will eventually, as a test of loyalty, give you the quest titled among Us.


After taking the optional exam, MODUS will task you v infiltrating street Grove and defeat a robot guardian. Next, you’re walking to go to the Signal knowledge station and load the System access Tape right into the terminal. Watch out for hostile robots and turrets along the way. Head below to uncover the room with the computer system terminals.

Once the uplink is finished and you’ve gathered the shed data for MODUS, be all set to fight turn off some more Protectrons and also other enemy robots ~ above your way out, climate head earlier to the bunker in Whitespring.

Speak to MODUS once again as soon as you return, and also you will obtain an Uplink Module that have to be deployed in ~ the national Radio Astronomy Research center nearby. Fight off the scorched enemies and make your method to the roof to deploy the module into the link platform.

Once the module has actually been connected, wait a couple of moments and also look come the sky. A flaming reward will certainly come crashing down. Go back to the Whitespring Bunker and you will certainly be awarded v an Enclave membership. Don’t forget to loot the crate that dropped native the sky for some one-of-a-kind goodies as well.

Feel free to walk around and get properly acclimated. Familiarize yourself v the various resources in the bunker. Sign up with the armed forces if you want. If you execute so, you will certainly gain access to those oh-so-desirable atom silos.

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