The Mech wings is a cosmetic earlier accessory on Roblox the players have the right to redeem on iOS devices. But, if you execute not own an iOS device, you deserve to still redeem the Mech Wings utilizing a pc workaround top top Firefox. We"ve obtained both methods (iOS and Firefox) below.

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us recommend redeeming this ago accessory as soon as feasible since the is only available until Aug. 18, 2021.

iOS standard Method

To acquire the Mech Wings back accessory, open up Roblox on one of two people an iPad or iPhone. Climate click the Avatar button ~ above the bottom-middle that the screen. This is the middle button with her Avatar"s face. Once within the Avatar menu, push Shop, and you will get in the whole Avatar Catalog.

Press the Featured tab within the Shop menu. The Shop defaults come Recommended, however you have to be on Featured in order to uncover the item in ~ the catalog.

Tap on the Sort: relationship button in ~ the Featured tab. This is discovered just below the Featured tab. Climate tap on Recently update and insanity Apply to confirm. You have to sort through this perform to discover the Mech Wings ago accessory. Relying on when friend redeem the item you can be forced to scroll quite a little bit down the page. Just keep scrolling till you find the item.

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The Mech Wings back accessory released on Roblox to storage the summer 2021 season and also it"s a sweet feather jetpack strapped to your Avatar. Be sure to redeem the Mech wings as soon as feasible since that expires ~ above Aug. 18, 2021. Players will certainly not be able to redeem this item once it expires.

PC Workaround

If you carry out not have an iOS device, there is a pc workaround that permits you to redeem the Mech Wings ago item because that free. To do so, follow these steps below.

Step One: Download the Firefox Browser.

Firefox is a cost-free and secure net browser.

Step Two: Login come Roblox ~ above the Firefox Browser




Step Five: Press the + button come the best of String. Paste the text listed below into the brand-new text box. Press the Check switch to confirm.

Mozilla/5.0 (Machintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_4) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, favor Gecko) Mobile/9B176 ROBLOX iOS app 2.445.410643 Hybrid RobloxApp/2.445.41063 (GlobalDist; AppleAppStore)

Step Six: Open a brand-new tab and also click the Mech wings Roblox link below. You need to be logged in come Roblox in order to redeem the Avatar item.

Step Seven: Press Get come redeem. You have actually now redeemed the Mech wings backpack article for totally free on your PC!

If you"re still having trouble, we recommend the town hall DeeterPlay"s tutorial, which travel guide you v the redemption procedure on pc every action of the way.

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Thanks a lot!! i don’t have actually iOS and also it operated on my PC! It makes me happy. I simply wish this trick likewise worked with Xbox accesories