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Physical Traits

Dutch point of view Dragons space an open, however regulated species. Every creature, real or fictional, has criteria that must be met in order come classify a group of them together the very same species, recognized as 'phenotypes'.

Therefore in order come be taken into consideration a Dutch point of view Dragon, lock are required to have actually all the complying with physical traits:

Unique horse-inspireddraconic anatomy;particularlyface/nose/layout that teeth, as whole body build, & "digiuligrade" stance

Long sharp ears, around the same length as their all at once head

Feather-coveredavian stylewings

Majority or every one of their body has actually a hair coat

Unique internal anatomy for generating and storing supernatural power withno digestive street orreproductive systems

Review each ar with visual examplesunder theanatomy guide for an ext thorough info.

Many dragons will also include feather accents, horns, claws, scales, hooves or paws, and also tails however these features are not required and are often included for practical reasons together dictated by their environment. The very first character, Telephone, do the pupil-less/blind eye featureiconic but they room not a required nor also a common trait that the species. Please testimonial thespecies informationfor a complete list of traits, abilities, and also behavior to further aid you build a Dutch point of view Dragon.

You are enabled to have actually duplicate limbs, up to two sets that each, of the following: tails, wings, mouths, eyes, and ears

It is typical to watch thespeciesrepresented in really cute, chibi, cartoony, or otherwise stylized sport that do not have to reflect the horse-like elements of your design. Thisisacceptable because that the sake of artistic liberty and creative freedom. Just keep in mind the when attracted realistically, the horse-like elements to their anatomy should be able to be plainly communicated in order to appropriately represent thespecies. That is likewise appropriate to draw them in one anthropomorphic type (bipedal with more human-like bodies) but as sex-related dimorphism does not exist in this species, the ideal dragon is preferred to not incorporate those type of human being features(such as female breasts) as they would certainly not have any type of reproductive organs in anthro kind either.

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All dragons space officially described as "they/them", but gender pronouns are acceptable because that ease that communication and also are chosen based upon the creator’s preference


Dutch angel Dragons have actually the ability to change their markings throughout your lives. They space often based upon colors and also patterns the appeal many to them. Castle are permitted to have coats that adjust during different seasons or other environmental effects, such as day and night. Sections of the markings are permitted to bright or change colors with mood, but they can not changetheir coat design on command oroverall there is no reincarnation. The only exemption tothis is Morph, the official mascot of the Dutch angel Dragons, who has actually a chameleon capacity they can use at will, because that demonstration objectives of the species' marking guidelines.