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Andy A - USA

I"m missing something, somewhere. I"ve looked at the manual and youtubed. (I have the reaper licensed version and it"s up to date.)In Reaper, I want to change an existing wav file track native its current 163bpm come 170bpm. I"ve tried just reseting the task Settings in job BPM (as a test) test 50.000 and 200.000, Timebase for items/env/markers to Time, and the following Timebase for tempo/time sig envelope to Time. (In case this help - Proj begin time: 0:00.000, collection 0.00 to modify cursor, and Project begin measure: 1. Playback resample mode: Medium).All the instructions (manual/youtube) seem really simple, either an altering the proj bpm come whatever, 50bpm because that example, or inserting a Tempo/Time Signature Marker. But, i don"t obtain results. The playback tempo is quiet 163bpm, and song play size is unchanged.Any suggestions?Thank you.P.S. I am aware that the pitch setting needs come be collection to not readjust the monitor key.


Andy,Try the following.1. Rotate on the grid and also activate "Snap come grid". (The shortcut ALT+G will execute this.)2. Drag the right end of the wav track until it breaks to the nearest beat. (Let"s say it"s win 1 for recommendation purposes.) 3. Readjust Reaper"s tempo to 170.4. Now host down CTRL+ALT and move the cursor around the right end of the wav. The cursor will change to a hand. When that happens, grab the right end of the track and drag it come the left (since you"ve make the tempo faster) until it snaps to the new beat 1 in the exact same bar number as before.5. Lastly, in the "Project settings" make sure that the "Default pitch change mode" is collection to "elastique 3.1.4 Pro". (I find this a good stretching/shrinking engine.)That need to do the project for you.Regards,Noel
Andy A - USA

EXCELLENT!!! that did it. (And those a completely different instructions than I discovered anywhere.)You are a reaper expert!
Thanks, Noel!
Hey, Noel. Because that vocals utilizing the 3.1.4 agree Algorithm, how plenty of ms would you collection the strike time? choose my vocals, no Beyoncé. Old, beaten-up, fossil male vocals. A selection would it is in helpful. Thanks.
Andy,For manually tuning vocals, I set Reatune to the following...Attack time = 50 - 80 ms (I greatly use 50)Stereo mediate = turn off (since I just record mono vocals)Elastique 3.1.4 Solo -- this definitely works better with vocals than ProParameter = MonophonicHope this helps,Noel

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Excellent, Noel. I had actually nowhere come start. I could use 2000 and I just needed those selection numbers. Say thanks to you.