Clash Royale is a real-time strategy video game developed and published by the very same creators together that the the popular mobile video game Clash the Clans — Supercell. It permits players from around the human being to fight others in real-time because that trophies and card upgrades featuring the Clash of clans troops and also spells.

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Playing strategic games makes that the game more interesting and you can fight with your friends. Right here we will guide you through various methods of including someone in her friend list on Clash Royale.

There room three methods to add someone to her friend list in Clash Royale — via a personal link, on facebook or in a 2v2 battle.

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Method 1: including friends ~ above Clash Royale with a personal invite link

Launch the game and follow the steps listed below to add friends in Clash Royale by sending out them an invite link.

Tap ~ above the Social tab 2nd tab indigenous the appropriate side top top the bottom that the game screen.On the next page, your clan chatbox will appear tap on the Friends tab ~ above the top-right edge of the game screen.On the next screen, tap ~ above Invite girlfriend (in the yellow box) button.Your invite attach will appear. You can share that attach with your friends from that menu or copy the connect by tapping ~ above the Copy symbol on the height right corner of the re-superstructure menu and also send that to your friends using various other social media apps.

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Method 2: adding friends top top Clash Royale via Facebook

If you have included your on facebook account come the Clash Royale then it will automatically add your facebook friends who are playing Clash Royale and have connected their on facebook account come the game.

If friend haven’t currently linked your on facebook profile to Clash Royale, then follow the steps below to perform the same.

Tap on the Social tab second tab indigenous the best side top top the bottom of the game screen.On the next page, your clan chatbox will show up tap on the Friends tab top top the height right corner of the game screen.In the next display screen tap top top the FB Connect button located at the bottom-right that the screen and also follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’ve linked the accounts, your friends indigenous Facebook will certainly automatically show up in the game.

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Method 3: including a teammate in 2v2 fight to your Friend list

In a 2v2 battle you will view the chat display screen as shown below. Tap top top Add Friend button — the 2nd button native the appropriate on the bottom the the game display screen — and also you can add your teammate as a friend till the moment he is likewise in that same battle.

If they leave the battle then friend cannot include your teammate together a friend as you have the right to see in the screen below in the chatbox (Teammates name) has left the chat.