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Jesser Wiki/Bio

JesserTheLazer is a YouTuber who was born in 1999 in Los Angeles, California. Jesser increased to importance as one NBA 2K gamer, producing wagering, unboxing, and also vlog videos top top his YouTube channel, called ‘Jesser,’ i m sorry has built up over 2 million subscribers and followers.

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In august 2017, he uploaded a video of himself playing face-to-face v American skilled basketball player James Harden, that is a member of the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

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Jesser an individual Girlfriend

Who is the girl friend of Jesser? He has actually not however married and also does not have a wife. Jesser is extremely private about his an individual life and also has not revealed anything around his date life. The frequently prevents questions about his girlfriend. Additionally, there is no information about his ahead romantic relationships.

Due to his absence of honesty concerning his personal life, even if it is he is single or in a connection is unknown. Back he has not discover details about his date life, there space rumors that he has actually been date his girlfriend because that a lengthy period. Additionally, the is rumored to be engaged to his secret girlfriend. Jesser, on the other hand, has actually not confirmed the rumor.

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Facts/ Trivia

He uploaded his very first video on youtube on august 15, 2013.Currently, he has more than 3.4 Million subscribers on she youtube channel.He obtained his youtube silver- play button on February 15, 2017.He received his youtube golden play switch on in march 3, 2018.He uploaded his very first Instagram article on February 23, 2015.He loves come play basketball.Listening come music and playing games is her favorite hobby.His favorite shade is Blue.He loves come travel around the world.His favorite destination is London.He is additionally a pets lover.