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Answer me quickly: how countless pairs the underwear carry out you own? i bet you have no idea, right? ns didn’t know either prior to I started writing this blog post. Go have actually a look at yours appropriate now.

It’s so easy simply to usage the exact same three or 4 pairs the underwear all the moment that girlfriend forget you in reality have great options once it involves lingerie.

Did you have actually the fast look? perform you recognize how countless pairs the underwear have to a guy have? ns will provide you the answer.

How countless Pairs the Underwear must A male Own?

A man should have actually 14 pairs of underwear if he launders his clothing once per week and also 21 bag if the washes his clothes every 2 weeks.

You require to know that no two guys are exactly the same, and also everyone has actually their way of living habits.

Considering you will certainly wear a new pair of underwear per day (please, readjust your underwear every day, your partner, date, and your friend will thank you), and you need some backups because that exercising, traveling, or any type of accidents. It’s always much better to it is in prepared.


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I have actually 22 pairs of men’s underwear for various occasions. Some space the people I usage daily, some room sexier as soon as I go on a day or think ns will have sex, and others are designed for sports. I also do laundry every week and travel a lot, so ns think these 22 bag are right for my lifestyle.

Are 10 pairs Of Underwear Enough?

It all counts on how countless times girlfriend launder your clothes, but I would say no, 10 pairs of underwear are not enough.

Imagine you must travel and be 2 weeks away. Ten pairs would never ever be enough since that method you would have to repeat some more than once.


Other things you need to think about with only ten pairs:

Your wash machine brokesNot sufficient time that week to carry out the laundryIf you shower in the morning and also go to the gym in the afternoon, you will need two underwear pairs that day.

I had actually a partner at college that had specifically seven pairs of underwear. One because that each job of the week (he sorted lock by color), and he always did his wash on the exact same day and also time. It worked for him very well, yet what if something happens and he falls short to to wash his apparel that day? He would certainly not have any kind of clean underwear.

What Is a normal Amount that Underwear come Own?

According to “On average, a British man will own 13 pairs of underwear, and also will buy a new pair every six months, spending roughly £20.75 a year”.

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If girlfriend visit Reddit, most males will to speak they have roughly 20 ish underwear pairs. Some space brave to walk commando and also not bothered to usage boxers or briefs in ~ all. Some instances under:

Men 1: “I own about 20…all briefs. Part colored and also some tighty whities.”

Men 2 “Probably around 20 – briefs and boxer briefs.”

Men 3: “10, ns think. I perform laundry on Sunday and I frequently have 3 pairs the boxers left. That never arisen to me to count, though.”


Men 4: “Probably around 20. I readjust them every day occasionally twice a job if i hit the gym or be outside a lengthy time. So ns don’t favor to need to do laundry commonly just since I’m out of underwear. I also buy them typically as soon as the band starts come look bad or the color fades. I choose my underwear to feel nice and look nice. Gross underwear is gross.”

Men 5: “Between 30-40 pairs. Ns figured I’d have enough if use two pairs a day, and if i was lazy I’d only do mine washing when a week. Also, selection is cool. Invest in cool-looking underwear.”

You gained the idea, men like to have a new fresh pair there is no worrying if they have sufficient underwear or not.

Personally, ns wear a new pair of underwear every day, due to the fact that I swap to a new one every time I have actually a shower. Ns don’t referee anyone, yet you have to do the same. Don’t undertake the same underwear also if girlfriend didn’t leave the house.

How many Pairs of Underwear carry out You choose To Have?

I carry out think you should ask these inquiries to yourself and also understand your way of life habits.

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Do you shower head every day?Do you readjust your underwear every time girlfriend shower?How many times do you change your underwear per day?How regularly do you go to the gym?Do you shower in the morning or evening?Are you single or married?How frequently do you have actually dates and also sex?How numerous times carry out you perform laundry per month?

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Depending on your answers, you will have your best number.

It would help if you likewise considered having underwear for different things like:

Underwear for datesUnderwear for the gymUnderwear for runningUnderwear because that lazy daysUnderwear for a daily basis