In a exit from the acquainted Rapture, BioShock limitless players room going come spend hours scouring the city that Columbia throughout the story.

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bioshock unlimited official background of booker and also elizabeth
In 2K Games" BioShock series, the first and 2nd games take location in the underwater city of Rapture together with some convoluted themes the franchise is well-known for. V BioShock Infinite, however, Irrational games saw an opportunity to broaden the world past the murky depth of the sea. Released in 2013, the third title diverges considerably from that is predecessors yet retains comparable gameplay and also a compelling story the ties every plot points with each other by the finish credits.

In BioShock Infinite, football player are presented to the aerial city the Columbia and new protagonist, Booker Dewitt. Collection during 1912, Booker is sent to Columbia come rescue a girl called Elizabeth, who has actually been trapped there many of she life. Initially told to "Bring united state the girl and also wipe far the debt," Booker and Elizabeth come to be embroidered in a civil war in between the upper and lower classes of Columbia that reveals the dark tricks of the city and Elizabeth herself.

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key Story Length

The plot of BioShock Infinite revolves approximately Booker"s initial do the efforts to discover Elizabeth, their subsequent journey with Columbia together, and also a gut-wrenching finale. Using Columbia"s technology and also Elizabeth"s assistance, Booker will certainly fight through any type of obstacles or enemies mirroring Andrew Ryan in his path. Unequal the previous two games, Booker"s moral choices all lead to the same ending or "the same lighthouse" together Elizabeth would placed it. On average, completing the main story will certainly take 11.5 hours, landing directly in between the story lengths of BioShock and BioShock 2. Relying on if players are rushing through or enjoying the story, they deserve to expect to include or subtract around 3 hrs from the average time.

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Finding every Extras

as with in ahead titles, there are many collectibles scattered about Columbia the Booker can find during the story. This extras incorporate 141 voxophones, which room the tantamount to audio diaries indigenous Rapture. Furthermore, there room 11 telescopes and 26 kinetoscopes that have to be looked with or watched respectively to knife a trophy or achievement on consoles. Finally, players can gain 24 infusion upgrades to boost Booker"s assorted stats. Getting all the collectibles will add 4 added hours to carry the total time to 15.5 hours.

downloadable Content

as soon as again, BioShock Infinite offers many DLC stories meant to be play after the events of the main story. BioShock Infinite: burial at Sea is break-up into two parts featuring a return to Rapture v Booker and also Elizabeth in an alternate reality. Additionally, Clash in the Clouds is a mode where players confront increasingly strong waves of enemies in setups based turn off different areas of Columbia. Completely finishing the DLC will certainly take around 8 hours and bring time invested in-game come 23.5 hrs for most cases.

BioShock Infinite is accessible on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4.

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