Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger to be born in Austria ~ above July 30, 1947. Famously, he reached stratospheric levels of notoriety and also success in 3 wholly unique professional fields: bodybuilding, acting, and politics, finishing in his eight years together the governor of California. 

For the past 73 years, Schwarzenegger has gone by Arnold, Ahnuld, Governator, Austrian Oak, Terminator, to run Man, and also dozens of various other nicknames. In part because he’s charismatic and there’s nicknames aplomb to explain him, sure. 

But also because his last surname is hard to spell. Like, really hard.

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We would know, since Water Cooler Trivia participants have spelled Schwarzenegger 255 different ways. And we’ve dug deep to explore that data. 

255 different spellings. We don’t grade responses based on spellings, for this reason these space the spellings we’ve accepted as correct. We’ve gained the complete list of them in ~ the end of this article, yet we want to dig deeper right into the data

First points first: this is the trivia question

“What is the surname of the Austrian bodybuilder who has been Mr. Universe three times and also Mr. Olympia seven times?”

The answer, together you’ve for sure guessed by now, is Arnold Schwarzenegger. We an initial wrote this concern in April 2019, and since then…

3,019 various participants across 306 various groups have actually submitted a response2,681 (89%) the folks acquired the concern correct1,616 (60%) of correct responses were spelled appropriately 255 various spellings of Schwarzenegger during that time

And now, let’s look in ~ the various ways in i m sorry Schwarzenegger has actually been assignment by Water Cooler Trivia participants. 

1. What room the most usual misspellings?

When you eliminate the correct spelling, you room left with 1,060 participants who spelled Schwarzenegger in 254 different ways. 

The most usual misspelling is come simply include a T after the R, a.k.a Schwartzenegger. This provides sense, together Schwartz itself is a relatively common German surname. 116 different respondents, 4% of every correct responses, assignment Arnold’s surname through that bonus T.

Next up to be Schwarzeneger, which gets rid of a letter rather than adding one, this time removing one of the two Gs. Again, this matches intuition. Twin letters are tough to remember and also frequently don’t include anything phonetically to a word. 88 various participants spelled it through this missing G, or 3% of all correct responses.

In 3rd place to be Schwarzenager v 56 civilization (2% of exactly responses) both dropping that exact same G and then additionally swapping one E with a G. We gain it, order is hard.

Below is a chart of the ten most typical misspellings, and also for the intrepid, here’s the full list of misspellings.

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Collin Waldoch is a co-founder that Water Cooler Trivia. That writes the questions. He has actually made it come the final stage the Jeopardy auditions three times however has not (yet!) been on the show. Collin has 5 siblings.