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I have stayed in this hotel double within a 6 week period. This was after remaining at an additional local hotel where we to be repeat customers yet were treated poorly on our critical stay.I favor that the...
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most likely the worst place to remain in town. We're spending end $3k in hotel fees and also they just treat my household like garbage.Especially v that snooty attitude and customer business from LAUREN...
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together years-long IHG members, we understand the challenges of the pandemic, but as platinum members space disappointed. We evaluate the cleanliness such together wrapping the remote control in plastic at...
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This is a dreadful place! just one clerk functioning the entire night and you deserve to get tiny to no aid otherwise. The room we continued to be in smelled prefer vomit but we couldn't exchange rooms therefore we had actually to...

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pet Friendly Ft. Collins Hotel Welcome to the holiday Inn Express ft Collins hotel; a freshly renovated property near I-25. We are simply a short drive far from Loveland, CO and located near some the the ideal shopping in Ft Collins including the Foothills Mall and Front range Village. If girlfriend are here for business, ours hotel in fort Collins provides a perfect job-related base as we room near significant companies favor Hewlett-Packard, Colorado State University, and Anheuser-Busch; and just a short distance to Harmony modern technology Park. The fort Collins-Loveland airplane (FNL) is less than 10 mile away, and you can also hold events for approximately 50 people in our attached conference room. The holiday Inn to express Ft Collins CO hotel is likewise a good for adventure seekers together we near to few of the best attractions in fort Collins: Cache La Poudre River, Horsetooth Mountain, and also Lory State Park. Us hope you acquire a chance to shot out a couple of of much more than 20 breweries, prefer Odells, Probst, or new Belgium during your stay. When it"s time to sit down and enjoy a great meal, you"ll evaluate being close come a variety of restaurants including iHop, Carrabba"s, Texas Roadhouse and also Old Chicago"s, just minutes from ours hotel. The vacation Inn express & Suites Ft Collins welcomes you come the fort Collins - Loveland Area. We hope you enjoy your stay with us.