If you space looking to suffer the cool nightlife the Richmond has to offer, we acquired your on the back! From classy alcohol bars come cheap brews, Richmond’s bars and also clubs market drinks and ambience for every taste. Look forward to jamming come live music from your favourite bands, dance on the run floor come sick DJ beats, or tucking right into delicious food and drinks overlooking stunning views. Even if it is you desire to have a romantic date with your partner or party difficult with her friends, these height hip hop bars & clubs in Richmond, Virginia, has whatever that girlfriend are looking for in a perfect night out.

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1. The Sidewalk Cafe

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The Sidewalk café is a small cosy restaurant situated in a bustling ar of the neighbourhood. It offer a variety of mouth-watering western delicacies, native quesadillas come pastas. Stop by the restaurant top top weekends in between 9:30am come 2:30pm to record their brunch distinct of fluffy pancakes and golden scrambled eggs. Other specialities that you have the right to enjoy ~ above their main menu encompass nachos, subs, pizzas, sandwiches, pastas and steaks. The restaurant also offers a one-of-a-kind breakfast menu where you can enjoy mouth-watering hash and also eggs. The price of the menu is very affordable and also the food is as much as standard. The restaurant likewise serves plenty of drinks and also wines for you to unwind after ~ a long day. The ambiance is cosy and also intimate, a perfect place to lug your significant other on a romantic date.

The Sidewalk Cafe

Address: 2101 W main St, Richmond, VA 23220, unified States

Website: The Sidewalk Cafe

Opening hours: satellite - Sun: 9:30am - 2am; Mon - Fri: 11am - 2am

2. The Canal Club


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If you room looking to reap some good music and get a feeling of the nightlife in Richmond, The Canal Club is among the ideal places you can go to. This unique place hosts live events and performances a pair of days per week, and also you can publication a ticket on their website to sign up with in the fun. The society invites performers ranging from tough rock bands come DJs, therefore do examine out their website to watch which bands are visiting the society in the upcoming week and perhaps, you might even record your favourite tape performing live at the club. Have actually a run party with your group overnight, or simply grab a glass the beer and also enjoy the music. The club provides delicious fast food at a great price, v nothing on the menu above USD 10. ~ above the menu are a delectable selection of fries, burgers and also wraps to tuck into with your team as girlfriend prepare to invest the night partying in ~ the club.

The Canal Club

Address: 1545 E wear St, Richmond, VA 23219, unified States

Website: The Canal Club

3. Kabana Rooftop

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Kabana Rooftop offers a beautiful, modern rooftop bar and also lounge providing handcrafted cocktails, beer, wine and little eats. It has actually a huge outdoor lounge with skyline sections that organize up come 25 guests, overlooking the stunning watch of Richmond’s cities. These sections are open from 4pm till close, making the perfect for company happy hours, date of birth celebrations, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and also nights out v your squad. Kabana Rooftop supplies both indoor and also outdoor full-service bar. ~ above a romantic evening, lounge on one of the big skyline couches with your make drink in hand, enjoying the scenic watch of the sunset over the city with your far-reaching other. The bar uses top-tier sound and lighting system, making that perfect because that DJs and also live music from her favourite artists and bands. Whether it is a big celebration or simply a night out with friends, Kabana Rooftop is the perfect ar to experience the amazing nightlife in Richmond.