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Securitas is the world’s biggest security agency with an ext than 300,000 “everyday heroes” in Security tasks at customer sites across the globe.

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Rapid growth has created job openings for both candidates who space looking to start their careers in the defense industry and also for candidates who have experience in this protective solutions jobs:

Security Officer

Armed protection Officer

Chief defense Officer

Gate security Guard

Patrol protection Officer

Loss prevention Officer/ keep Detective

Maritime protection Officer

Hotel security Manager

Hospital protection (Day or Night shift)

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We welcome candidates who have actually experience in the protection industry and those spring to obtain their foot in the door. We have industry leading training programs and also take good pride in providing entry-level avenues in enhancement to those appropriate for people who currently have experience.

Securitas has both equipped Security Guard and Unarmed protection Officer jobs and also offers both part-time and also full-time positions. Additionally, we have Supervisor level positions easily accessible for those all set to take the next step in your career.

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Securitas is one Equal opportunity Employer

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