Hide and also Seek, Reason and Rhyme, Grand and Glorious, a dream lived and a contact answered

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I’m up late, calling the end Mayday to every who can here, do the efforts to conserve myself native the darkness crushing me.

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music digital thefatrat laura brehm Mayday
Anna Yvette and Laura Brehm collab to create a beauty.

As someone life Florida, I perform disagree v the title though.

music monstercat anna yvette laura brehm indie run Summer never Ends FOOL helped
ns still feel you in the breeze, view your shadows in the trees, a life prefer Monody, part things never change.

music thefatrat drumstep laura brehm Monody
sooner or later we met and it to be wonderful and also then friend disappeared, it was by her choice, but I wish you hadn’t left favor that. Perhaps one job We’ll meet Again.

music midtempo thefatrat laura brehm We'll meet Again I'm not a soldier yet I'm fighting and I'll never stop
A Valkyrie must be strong, just, and also selfless. She will certainly fight come the last, for she people, she friends, her family.

A special collection of videos this month, for my favourite trilogy in music, Varien’s Valkyrie. Enjoy the show, together with a one-of-a-kind Varien video clip on the last Tuesday this month.

music monstercat drumstep varien laura brehm Valkyrie Valkyrie Trilogy
we stand together one, all wishing to what is finest for ours cause, and with this Unity, us hope to produce a better world for all.

music xkito music glitch hop thefatrat unified
I’m getting to for the sunshine to bring it earlier with me. Permit it bring my spirit to a brighter ar where I have the right to learn come love myself again.

music glitch hop thefatrat phaera sunlight blake belladonna blake finding love in yang
We’re more powerful than the demons, than the monsters and also the terror of the night. We room Stronger 보다 these beasts and we will certainly fight back against the night.

We welcome Slaydit and also TheFatRat as they do MCat’s roster even Stronger. Seriously, TheFatRat on MCat, what a day.

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music monstercat dubstep brand-new artist new artists slaydit thefatrat anjulie more powerful welcome to the household
It’s been a hell the a decade folks, sure I’ve just been posting for fifty percent of it, yet still, it’s to be a wild ride and also I’m just glad you every have made decision to sign up with me ~ above it. So, to celebrate the finish Of The Decade, I give you every a mix native the one and also only TheFatRat.