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Hey kid, wanna watch a dead body? is a snowclone provided to suggest that the poster is hypothetically attempting to coerce others, commonly children, right into illicit activities.


In the 20th illustration of the 5th season of the American man sitcom The Simpsons the personality Bart has actually a dream sequence where he imagines himself together Huckleberry Finn. Two new characters present up on a raft and also say: <10> <11>

Hey, kid.You wanna check out a dead body?

On January 27, 2006 webcomic series Rob and also Elliot uploaded a piece entitled "Dead Body" in which a male asks the two protagonists if castle "wanna check out a dead body?" (shown below).<3>


A similar phrase was provided in the 1986 coming-of-age comedy/drama movie Stand by Me. In the film at one point the personality Vern says: <13>

You guys wanna go see a dead body?


On the 3rd episode that Team 4 Star"s Hellsing can be fried Abridged collection main personality Alucard greets a group of soldiers by questioning them, "Hey, youngsters you wanna see a dead body?" (shown below) The video was uploaded to TFS member Takahat101"s YouTube channel ~ above November 5, 2012.

Around mid to late 2013, webcomic collection Pandyland uploaded a strip entitled "Tales native Fluffington forest – Pt6" in which an fox asks a team of younger animals if castle "wanna view a dead body?" prior to killing ~ above of them (shown below). <12>


Hey Kid, Wanna Yiff?

Hey kid, wanna yiff?, is a phrase supplied by members the the furry neighborhood to show an interest in pornographic furry artwork. The phrase was coined ~ above the FurAffinty forums on might 4th, 2008 in a thread called, "Furry Pickup Lines". (Yiffing is the furry-specific hatchet for sexual intercourse.) later on that very same day user Dyluck posted, "HEY KID, WANNA YIFF?" together his pick-up line.<1> later that year on June 18th, 2008 a user top top Leftover Lounge post an short article entitled "Hey kid, wanna yiff?" in which they define their think on the growing furry fandom.<2>

On September 9th, 2012 a object on the IGN forums was developed with the initial poster uploading a satirical image of what showed up to be two furry members the PETA stop up indications stating, "HEY son WANNA YIFF?" (shown below).<4> it is probable that the image had actually been commented on over 2 years prior on the FurAffinity forums, however the web links that brought about two image have due to the fact that expired.<5>


On January 2, 2012 furry musician Renard Queenston exit the song YEAR the THE poor DRAGON under the moniker The quick Brown Fox, in i beg your pardon the text state:

Hey kids, wanna yiff me with negative Dragon dicks?Hey Kid, Wanna /ss/?

Hey kid, wanna /ss/? (sometimes simply recognized as "/ss/?") is a phrase supplied by customers of the /ss/ board of 7chan towards those who present an attention in the specific kind of hentai (anime pornography) well-known as “straight shota,” once a young boy is sexually paired through a much older woman. The expression came right into use at some time in one of two people 2008 or at an early stage 2009 top top the previously mentioned board.

On June 1st, 2009 an Urban thesaurus entry was created "/ss/" just describing it as "straight shota". <6> The phrase has been used numerous times on various boards across 4chan, some of which have been archived top top

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<7> top top December 27th, 2012 YouTuber OOOzw uploaded a clip native the 1983 anime series Ginga Hyōryū Vifam in i beg your pardon a younger masculine character shares a kiss through an larger female personality (shown below).

Hey Kids, Wanna Buy part Weed?

Hey kids, wanna buy some weed? is a phrase used on several various image macros. The earliest use of the phrase was ~ above a 60s Spider-Man macro post to Quickmeme ~ above January 21, 2013. <8> The phrase came to later prominence as soon as Reddit customers beansmcgavin uploaded an image with the phrase over a Chihuahua on march 5, 2013. <9>