so yes this destroyed shrine in asterkarn valley than you i do not know open. Ns now recognize that you have to get the pursuit from amakala in old arkovia but before you can obtain that quest you have to be honored status with the rovers.

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once you obtain the quest ive read that itll generate the avatar that mogdrogen. Execute i must kill mogdrogen because that me to have the ability to get the items essential to obtain the shrine or simply doing the pursuit from amakala enough to obtain the items? ns still level 40 so death mogdrogen is impossible for me.


He's friendly uneven you select a certain dialogue option to attack him (it is plainly marked).

Mogdrogen shows up after girlfriend unlock the shrine/after the quest. It is totally up to you whether or no you want to assault him. I actually didn't realize you could attack him my an initial play-through. And when i did finally decide to view what he was made of, ns instantly remorse it.

do you introduce that begin with this asap or simply wait till ns fill the bar to be honored with the rovers then simply start it?

Like /u/pinkmonster said, it's approximately you what come do. Mogdrogen is a little bit of a cunt through you though so it is possible you may get fed up v his shit and also attack him. He doesn't ache too poor but his health and also regen...

If you perform want to fuck the up i recommend doing for this reason in Elite/Ultimate for this reason you gain his nice, really nice legendary shoulders piece. In common it's not a guarantee drop.

I introduce doing so in Elite/Ultimate

Can friend not do it in every difficulty? Or perform you only gain one chance to struggle him?

He doesn't ache too poor but his health and regen...

Has anyone do the efforts fighting him through the Spiritcrusher/Empowered Spiritcrusher epos 1h mace? It has -100% to health and wellness regen, however I'm not certain it would affect him.

very nice legend shoulders piece. In common it's not a guarantee drop.

In regular it drops just as one Epic, no as a legendary. Legendary drops just on upstream or higher.

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do girlfriend that as soon as im in elite/ultimate level i come back to typical defeeat mogdrogren there because that the legend drop or must i death him in elite/ulti?


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