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Good lucky Cafe, Inc.

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Bike Parking:No


Drive Through:No

Good because that Groups:Yes

Good because that Kids:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Take Out:Yes

Cuisines:Spanish, Mexican, American, take Out, Cafeterias, Latin American, European, Continental


Takes Reservations:No

Outdoor Seating:No


Price range :Below Average

Pets Allowed:No


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Lower sink Favorite

It"s one of the best hidden places El Paso needs to offer. Mine parents have actually taken us since we were tiny and us go there currently that were grown and the food has always been great. Burgers mix plates MENUDO. Its every good.

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Bad service

For the frist time in ~ the an excellent Luck Cafe, we had negative service, we had two huge soup and they to be both cold, we also ordered taco"s and also never gained them however they were on the bill!! Sorry never again!


Best Hometown Food

The good Luck was one of my favorites farming up! They chef on a level grill right where you have the right to see it. Plus, the food is awesome! girlfriend can gain breakfast at anytime the day. It"s choose an old college diner through the best Mexican food, too! every little thing there is awesome! i recommend the hot dogs, and also anything from the breakfast menu!

Provided byCitysearch

Great menudo. Hamburger steak constantly hits the spot. Cheap too.


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Good luck Cafe MenuBreakfast
Bacon and Eggs$5.40
Sausage and also Eggs$5.40
Chorizo and Eggs$5.40
Cheese Burger$3.80
Bacon Burger$4.80
Meat (Chile Verde)$3.00
Chile Relleno$3.00
Huevo Con Chorizo$3.00
Plate Lunches
Caldo De Res (Large)$4.75
Chile Con Carne$5.25
Chile Rellenos$5.75
Side Orders
Bacon, Sausage Or Ham$2.10
View complete Menu
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Good happy Cafe 3813 Alameda Ave, El Paso

Are friend in the mood for part Mexican food? Well, what much better place than great Luck coffee shop right here in El Paso! besides being recognized for having wonderful Mexican food, various other cuisines lock offer include Continental, European, take it Out, Cafeterias, and Latin American.

Looking for good Luck cafe prices? an excellent Luck Cafe has an typical price range between $3.00 and $8.00 every person.

When contrasted to other restaurants, great Luck coffee shop is inexpensive, rather a transaction in fact!

Depending on the mexican food, a variety of components such as geographical location, specialties, whether or no it is a chain can influence the form of menu items available. Below at great Luck Cafe, you"ll have choices for Sandwiches, bowl Lunches, Breakfast, Kids, and also Burritos and more. Indigenous there, you deserve to expect to select from some of the ideal menu items like:

The "Works" citizens Enchiladas Montadas Picadillo and Eggs Chicken Strips Basket Desebrada

For a closer look at the food selection items together with their prices, examine out the El Paso good Luck coffee shop menu.

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Being in El Paso, an excellent Luck café in 79905 serves many surrounding neighborhoods consisting of places prefer Milagro Hills, Penrose, and also Pebble Hills Park. If you want to see a finish list of every Mexican restaurants in El Paso, we have actually you covered!

If you room interested in various other El Paso mexican restaurants, girlfriend can shot Carnitas Queretaro, Julio"s café & Corona, or Senor Fish. We have the right to also allude you to other an excellent places come eat mexico food in cities nearby El Paso, like Mamacitas Restaurant & Bar in Clint, Ernesto"s mexico Food in Anthony or La Parrilla Restaurant in Deming. If you shot one, nothing forget come drop a review here on!

After you"ve visited great Luck Cafe, if you"re searching for something new to try, check out more restaurants in El Paso, take the end restaurants in El Paso, or rapid food restaurants in El Paso.

We hope you enjoy your experience at good Luck Cafe mexican restaurants in El Paso, and also please leave united state your review listed below with!

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