The crucial to unlocking every the stances in Ghost that Tsushima is to take it a moment to observe foe Mongol leaders before dueling with them. Observing leaders offers a complimentary stance point, in enhancement to the point you receive after that for killing the leader.

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Stance points have the right to be supplied to further build your mastery of the four stances: Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon. Allocating extr stance points will make girlfriend a more formidable opponent.

While observing and also opponent is achieved through the simple press the a button, sometimes obtaining into a position where you have the right to observe a leader in Ghost that Tsushima can be tricky.


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How come observe adversary leaders in Ghost the Tsushima

To observe a leader in Ghost that Tsushima, every you need to do is push R2 when in their vicinity.

Of course, the an obstacle is obtaining close enough to watch them. You’ll have to sneak undetected right into the leader’s camp and also track castle down, every while remaining unseen.

Thankfully, Mongol leaders in are not hard to uncover once you inside their camps. They often tend to stay bright, shiny gold or silver- armour, and also are usually discovered practicing their martial art skills. This, no doubt, is exactly how observing leader in Ghost that Tsushima gains friend extra ability with a sword.

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Observing and killing leader to obtain stance points

Once you watch leaders in Ghost the Tsushima, you’re maybe to continue with her goal the fighting them to the death. Acquisition a moment to watch them will mean that you have double the view points for every leader you kill, so it’s fine worth acquisition the time.

If you’re having a hard time trying out an foe area to uncover the leader if hidden, it have the right to be precious scouting the area from higher ground to start with to watch if you deserve to spot them.

Sneaking into a Mongol base is conventional stealth video game fare – lengthy grass keeps friend hidden, and enemies rarely look increase onto rooftops. If you run into a trouble or obtain spotted, merely retreat and then shot again once your enemies have forgotten you exist.

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Observing foe leaders doesn’t take much effort, however it can assist you get twice as many stance clues in Ghost the Tsushima.

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