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I dubbed fox an fox explaining the car I just purchased had misfire password for cyclinders1,3,5 and also a catalytic converter code I explained I want to recognize for sure before replacing the converter lock said carry it in we will diagnose the problem and also it normally price 85 dollars I stated ok lugged them the auto they diagnose the as having leaky or worn valves speak I required to change the motor or execute head work-related on it they recommended instead of the engine saying that after you preform top fifty percent of motor repair prefer this it causes the bottom fifty percent to go poor they then charged me 178 dollars not the normal85 speak it took much longer to diagnose it then tried asking me come commit come a engine instead of at 4500 dollars I said no thanking the motor in the auto I just bought to be now negative I went residence I began doing research and my motor didnt have actually the usual symptoms of negative or woren leaky valves like turn oil and smoke or vavle noise so ns decide the was now time come get an additional shop come look at it ten minutes latter the other shop confirmed it to be a negative catalytic converter and also showed me the compression check that verified I had an excellent compression for this reason no way it to be vavles the catalytic converter to be replaced and problem solved vehicle was resolved so I dubbed fox one fox ask because that a manger and also informed him how his certified tech was plainly wrong explain the catalytic converter was the prob just how it to be replaced and the troubles were now fixed the manager said I must be happy that it was the catalytic converter and not the engine 1 ns am not happy i payed nearly 200 dollars because that a expert diagnosis and didnt gain one the manger admitted they never ever done the comprission test to verify that i was the problem they simply seen carbon construct up and also thought it was the problem ok i didnt salary al.oet 200 because that a guess: v 3 ns didnt pay al.ost 200 because that the prob to be diagnosed dorn 4 i wasnt happy they had me beleave my motor to be trashed in a automobile I just brought 5 ns wasnt happy they tried obtaining me to change a motor due to the fact that the catalytic converter to be plugged up 6 ns wasn"t happy that ns diagnosed this as a negative catalytic converter and also the technology was wrong that is an alleged to be certified tech how did a uncertified not also mechanic diagnose the exactly problem however a certified tech can not I also asked if they proved by comprission check my cyclenders come make certain manger said no ok well then you guys made a guess no a diagnoses and also a negative one and also a dorn one and also you tried getting me to replace my motor for a very large bill ns asked because that refund due to the fact that the tech was so plainly wrong and proven not correct the manger claimed no means and if ns didnt favor that price to walk ahead and also sue them…Read More