Fortnite mainly 6 is live, and also as such, we have brand-new tasks to beat in Fortnite. So together the guides because that this week of Fortnite. This guide is for the an obstacle in the title, and also that is the necessity to run in prior of a Bat Statue, in a way above soil Pool and also on a Seat for Giants.

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If you’re one OG Fortnite player, you probably understand where these locations are. But, if you’re not that familiar with the Fortnite map, issue not, together we’re around to designate the areas for you. Rest assured, everything is going to be simply fine.

Fortnite Bat Statue

This frostbite is situated in Haunted Hills. Because it is a named location, that won’t be tough to find it. The Bat (or Batman statue) together I would certainly love to speak to it.

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A method Above ground Pool

Do friend remember Kevin the Cube and have a keen notice of his recent activities? he has regulated to depart a section of Fatal fields into the sky. Well, that’s precisely where the means Above swimming pool is. Store in mind the the Floating Island is rotation approximately the map, a factor why lock overlap with the large Seat location in the image below.

Giant Seat

The chair is tough to notice. More than likely the hardest one because that this challenge. It is situated North the Happy Hamlet and South that Shifty Shafts. Because it’s not a named nor iconic location in Fortnite, we’ll provide you with a map image, highlighting all 3 spots. Friend can examine the picture below:


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