Hmmm, so you can be like me and tried come fly her Garden ship all the method out to Esthar. I Googled a map of whereby Esthar would certainly be, for this reason I made decision to paris the ship out there. ~ about fifty percent an hour of make the efforts to reach this god-forsaken city, I provided up and Googled How to obtain to Estar in last Fantasy VIII and what did ns find? That i was flying my ship roughly for NOTHING!

So, You’re looking for Esthar City, huh?

You don’t even have to paris around, that’s right! No flying, sailing, whatever!!! all you have to do is go to the Infirmary withing the Garden ship and also see Rinoa. A small scene will initiate where Squall picks up Rinoa, magically winds up at Fishermans Horizon, and attempts to lug Rinoa come Esthar. Friend will meet up through Edea and two of your party members who say they want to companion you come Esthar. Edea is walk with due to the fact that she apparently has actually something important to speak with Dr. Odine around who is conveniently located in Esthar. Edea later tells the gang the she wants to view Dr. Odine because she fear Ultimecia might possibly take it over her body again.

So guess: v what? You might have lost Rinoa as a nice cool party member, but now you get Edea together a party member.

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Ns don’t know about you, but I think Edea is quite awesome spring (even despite the graphic of FF8 aren’t that good compared come our present time period’s graphics). Yippee! So somehow your group winds up at the edge of a continent and also you’re not much from Esthar in ~ all! If friend don’t desire to run approximately aimlessly, here’s a map because that you