This guide contains the locations of all distinctive weapons and also armor in the Fallout new Vegas DLC Old civilization Blues. This overview may encompass some minor quest spoilers.

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Christine’s CoS Silencer Rifle

Sniper Rifle

DAM: 62 | DPS: 99.6 | ROF: 1.61 | CRIT: 2.5 | ACC: 0.02 | DUR: 420

Base ID: xx0112ba

Found near tiny Yangtze. It’s lying against the wall of a ruined building just outside tiny Yangtze’s walls.


K9000 Cyberdog Gun

DAM: 36 | DPS: 252 | ROF: 7 | CRIT: 0.5 | ACC: 1.5 | DUR: 2495

Base ID: xx00fd3c

Upgrade that the K9000 Cyberdog Gun. Girlfriend must first acquire the K9000 FIDO Schematics from the X-8 research Center. You will certainly then have the ability to upgrade the K9000 Cyberdog pistol via workbench assuming you fulfill the skill necessity (Gun 75).

Energy Weapons


Elijah’s Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon

Tesla Cannon

DAM: 85 + 20/2s Shock | DPS: 154.2 | ROF: 1.58 | CRIT: x2 | ACC: 0 | DUR: 245

Base ID: xx01199e

Found in ~ Elijah’s Watch. The weapon is guarded by mark IV Turrets, Berserk Securitrons, and Damaged Securitrons.



X-2 Antenna

X-2 Antenna

DAM: 65 + 50/20 EMP | DPS: 70.4 | ROF: 1.1 | CRIT: x1 | DUR: 620

Base ID: xx00c297

Found at the X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array. It’s in ~ the height of the satellite dish.



Dr. Klein’s Glove

Scientist Glove

DAM: 34 (-5 EW, -2 ST) | DPS: 46.4 | ROF: 1.36 | CRIT: x1 (-1 ST, -1 DT) | DUR: 495

Base ID: xx00a13e

Found inside house 101 in the Higgs Village. It’s sitting within a room on the second floor.

Dr. Mobius’ Glove

Scientist Glove

DAM: 28 (-5 EW, -2 ST) | DPS: 38.2 | ROF: 1.36 | CRIT: x2 (Knock, Frenzy) | DUR: 495

Base ID: xx00a138

Found in the Forbidden ar Dome. It’s lied on a table near the stairs.



Dr. Klein’s Scrubs

Scientist Scrubs

DT: 4 | DUR: 350 | BONUS: INT +2, scientific research +10

Base ID: xx00e0b9

Found inside residence 101 in the Higgs Village. It’s lie on peak of a wardrobe ~ above the second floor.

Dr. Mobius’ Scrubs

Scientist Scrubs

DT: 6 | DUR: 450 | BONUS: CHR +1, INT +2, science +15

Base ID: xx00e0ba

Found in the Forbidden region Dome. It’s within a trunk near the stairs.

Light Armor


Hazmat Suit

Radiation Suit

DT: 11 | DUR: 250 | BONUS: toxicity Resistance +85

Base ID: xx00dbb7

Found in the Hazmat testing Ground. It’s a force-field defended container. To accessibility the armor, you will have to either use a Sonic Emitter that has actually been upgraded come disable force-fields or gain the Hazmat Pod security Code native the Z-43 Innovative toxin Plant.

Medium Armor


Christine’s CoS Recon Armor

Recon Armor

DT: 19 | DUR: 500 | BONUS: Sneak +5

Base ID: xx01199d

Found in the Y-17 medical Facility. It’s lying in the rubble close to the Auto-Doc.

Stealth fit Mk II

Recon Armor

DT: 14 | DUR: 500 | BONUS: Sneak +25, every +1, AGL +1, Sneak-Speed +20%

Base ID: xx00c12f

Found in the X-13 research study Facility. It’s in 3 pieces distributed throughout the labs in the X-13 research Facility. In order come activate all the bonuses, friend will should pass the 4 stealth exam in the pursuit “Project X-13”.



Hazmat Darklight Cowl

Head Wrap

DT: 2 | DUR: 100 | BONUS: Night vision

Base ID: xx00dbb6

Found in the Hazmat trial and error Ground. It’s a force-field safeguarded container. To accessibility the armor, friend will must either usage a Sonic Emitter that has been upgraded to disable force-fields or acquire the Hazmat Pod defense Code indigenous the Z-43 Innovative toxin Plant.



Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator

Valence Radii-Accentuator

DT: 4 | DUR: 100 | BONUS: finish +1, health and wellness Regeneration

Base ID: xx00adbd

Found in a footlocker at the X-7b “Boom Town” Target Zone. In stimulate to access the footlocker, friend must first fire the artillery cannon in ~ the X-7a “Left Field” pho Launch. You can additionally loot the armor indigenous Specimen 73 within the Z-14 Pepsinae DNA Splicing Lab.

Dr. Klein’s Glasses


DT: 1 | DUR: 150 | BONUS: fix +5, INT +1 (PER +2)

Base ID: xx015ae7

Found within The Think Tank. It’s lying beside a deluxe Chemistry Set.

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Dr. Mobius’ Glasses


DT: 1 | DUR: 150 | BONUS: Explosives +5, INT +2 (PER +2)

Base ID: xx015ae8

Found inside The Think Tank. It’s lied on peak of some documents in a locked room. Lockpick 50 will be required to open the door.